Monday, January 17, 2011

Inspiration Once Again!

I was inspired to post again today thanks to a sweet comment I recieve on my last post! :) I've been super sick lately and overwhelmed by wedding planning so I think that means it's time to escape to Etsyland again! No real theme again today but feel free to comment and suggest a theme for my next post if there is anything you want to see. As always if you don't want to comment you can always email me what you want to see here to I love requests because it makes the thrill of the hunt that much better!

Selfishly things that I'm looking for today are things I can put on my wedding registry. Did you know that with you can put anything from any site onto one easy to navigate registry? Best.Thing.Ever. Found that out after my cousins used it for her wedding. She too had things from Etsy on her wedding registry.

Wooden Owls and Trees Bookends by:
Price: $59.99
Okay, so these aren't going on my wedding registry, but these will be on my baby registry. The worlds CUTEST bookends. They manage to be adorable while still keeping clean modern lines which is what I really like and the colors are bright and cheery. I am also searching for a gift for my friend who is due to have her baby a few days after my wedding but I feel like this is more for a little girls room and shes having a boy... but my other friend hasn't found out if shes having a boy or a girl yet... fingers crossed! I love buying baby gifts!

Cupcake Stand/Dessert Pedistal in Modern Bird (red) by:
Price: $27
I think this is adorable! My sister and I are doing all the desserts for my wedding because my caterer (who is adorable!) doesn't do desserts any more (TOTALLY fine by me!) so I am making my own cake and she and I are filling a table with the most delicious brownies, cookies, fruit displays (and this is a budget wedding too) and I think this would be ADORABLE on the table too. It doesn't go with my color scheme but it goes with my vintage/modern infusion style that I love and I'm using white square plates and platters. You can't tell me this wouldn't look adorable. Also this is perfect if you ever bring desserts to a friends house for a cookout or a dinner because a. you know which platter is yours when you leave and b. it shows you have so much style and clearly you'll get compliments. Two thumbs up for this one!

Anita - Genuine Leather Handbag by:
Price: $135
This is something I ADORE to see on Etsy. Really nicely made products that the crafters clearly care about. If you look at the beautiful stitching and buckles on this bag you can tell that this bag took time and planning to make. Not only that but this bag also has the metal feet on the bottom (like most designer bags do) to add that bit of lift from the ground so to protect the leather a bit more and help to deter scratching without making your bag look like it awkwardly has legs. This is my absolute favorite color of leather (beautiful warm caramel color!) And the shape is very clean cut and modern with a nod to classic vintage. Adore adore adore!

Red and Beige Holiday Paper Garland 6ft (SALE!) by:
Price: $10
Take some time to actually click the link and look through the pictures of this and the other paper garlands. These are vintage glamorous absolutely stunning. It is clear that a lot of effort when into these and for this price I think it's more than great idea to buy and put these away for next Christmas. ALL of your friends will be jealous. I have never ever seen anything quite like these before!

5 Recycled Paper Flowers - Robert Frost by:
Price: $15
I saw these and immediate thought 'I want these for the centerpieces at my wedding!' Really, what better. They have that beautiful romantic feeling about them, they aren't going to die on you before people get to see them, they can be used again and again, they create interest, AND they cost a heck of a lot less than fresh flowers. If you put 5 of these in a vase they would look abundant and cost you $15. If you got an arrangement for the table it would be between $45-$75 per table... for an inexpensive one. I think we have a winner here!


Like what you see? Let me know! Wishing you saw something else? Tell me what you want from the blog! Leave me comments and I will do my best to make all your wishes come true!

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