Thursday, September 30, 2010

A Little More 'Me' Time

So today I've needed some 'me' time. And I've got to tell you, it's been really nice. I realized I had a $25 Discover Gift Card in my wallet so I went shopping. And since gift cards don't count as spending money I only spent $6.16! I got some great stuff shopping at TJ Maxx but it was all kitchen stuff or note cards (I'm sincerely addicted). I'm missing out on the purses and the jewelry. So I'm going to get my Etsy fix!

The Flair Herringbone Tweed Wool Bag by:
Price: $59
What a cute and classy fall bag? I love the vintage shape and materials used on it but the leather and metal work gives it a pop of current. This looks like a bag that would definitely hold up to a rainy or snowy day and give you that extra bit of warm and fuzzy feeling. Get your black boots and your cute tapestry print scarves on ladies and get ready to see everyone whispering in envy and asking you where you got your fabulous bag!

Cosmopolitan Leather Handbag by:
Price: $97.50
Talk about a wow bag. This one has that great splash of color that isn't muted but still works for the fall. I love the crisp green of this. You could really use this one in the fall winter or spring! The detailing on this is beautiful and I love the detachable straps. The visible stitching on this adds a really cute flair and keeps it casual. This would be a perfect every day fall bag especially for work/school!

Navy Blue Lambskin Distressed Leather Satchel by:
Price: $149
I am so a fan of navy blue and silver. This bag just screams classy. It is beautifully made and looks to me like it would hold up really well for a long time! If you're looking to invest in a bag that is not going out of style any time soon my money is on this one. The lining is a stunning mustard yellow (one of my absolute favorite colors!) and again on this bag the long strap is detachable. You can carry this bag in the crook of your arm on the short straps and look quite sophisticated. Adorable!

Genesis Shoulder Bag/Tote by:
Price: $140
This is similar in design to my favorite ever coach bag which was the Gigi Legacy Tote bag. I still want one if anyone ever comes across it let me know! Pretty much any color at this point. I really love this one because again it has the multi strap option (not shown in the above picture but click to view more) and it has the front pockets. I don't know if anyone else is as forgetful as me but I always lose my keys/cell phone in my purse. The front pockets are great places to put them to always find them. On top of it this is one classy, but functional looking bag. Two thumbs up, dear bag!
Hand Knotted Off White Pearls 5.5 mm by:
Price: $24
This whole shop is full of beautiful and affordable jewelry and lets face it, who doesn't need a strand of pearls for $24. They are the perfect dressing up or dressing down and they instantly make any outfit a bit more grown up and sophisticated. Usually I buy my pearls at thrift shops but I usually spend the same price as this shop is asking and the pearls have seen better days and so has their knotting. This is a worth while investment and makes an AWESOME gift!

Tea Time, Steampunk Necklace by:
Price: $28
I love steampunk jewelry because its such an interesting collaboration of mechanical and classic details. I've only known about the movement for a few months but I've collected quite a few pieces of jewelry. They can be both elegant and casual and I've gotten more compliments on my steampunk jewelry than I have my engagement ring! (mind you I wouldn't pick them over my ring because my darling fiance gave me my ring and I absolutely adore it!) But this one has all things I love, birds, gears, and teapots! So cute!

Green Acorn Pearl Necklace by:
Price: $23
I think this is such a cute an happy fall necklace! It isn't the traditional and dated plain seasonally related piece of jewelry. The green pearl with the metalworking adds a very unique twist to it. So it is festive without being FESTIVE. So you're not trying too hard. If you're a fall person or you are as in love with that shade of green as I am this is a great necklace or a great gift!

Sparkley Teardrop Reclaimed Necklace by:
Price: $18.99
I love love love the old Hollywood glam of this piece and that price is unbeatable! Put this on with your v-neck little black dress and you will turn every head no matter where you go! This one is too good to pass up! If I was currently employed it wouldn't have even made this page, I would have bought it by now. So the question is, who will get there first?


Happy shopping! Leave me a comment and let me know what theme you want next!

Do you think I should make a 'How To Shop Etsy' guide? Let me know!

It's a ME kind of day!

Good morning all you blog readers! Whats the weather like there? Well here it is rainy, and more rainy, and a little bit hurricaney. The perfect kind of day to stay in and focus on yourself. So today I will be exercising, etsy shopping, and maybe doing a little bit of baking. Of course I have to go out to get more stuff I need for baking but I can brave the storm for a few minutes.

On that note, does anyone have a suggestion of where to find All Spice?

Anywho. Today is ME day. So I decided to do a monogrammed theme for all my cool stuff today on Etsy! Sound good? Well if you don't like it I'm sure I'll post more again later this afternoon!

Traditional Wood Handle Custom Address Stamp by:
Price: $19.95
This is one of the COOLEST things I've found in a very long time and I think I will be buying one of these to address the back of my wedding invitations. For $19.95 you get a stamp that is so classic looking and useful, plus it will last forever if you take good care of it! Get any color ink you want, so you can even turn this traditional style into something very contemporary! I'm sure you'll get great use out of it and the price is great! Maybe with this you'll be more likely to write thank you notes or just because notes!

Swirly Monogram Mailbox Decal by:
Price: $15
I am striking Etsy gold today folks! If I had a mailbox that wasn't beaten up and I wasn't in a rental house I would totally invest the $15 to get this! This just makes your mailbox look so much nicer. Just imagine that mailbox without the monogram, it looks very harsh against a yard and not at all elegant but you put the monogram on it and BAM! I love this. And it comes in different colors! Whatever you want!

Hand Stamped Jewelery by:
Price: $44
I had the request a few weeks ago for a few ideas for a gift for the mom who has everything. I'd wish I'd found this then. This necklace is a very cool modern version of a mother's ring. If any of you don't know what a mothers ring is, it's a ring with the birthstone's of all of her children in it. A cute idea, but personally I never think it looks that good because the stones usually don't look good together or you have a bad number of stones on the ring. I know that's not the point, but still. I think this is a very cute alternative!

Personalized Folded Note Cards by:
Price: $25
This listing is for 16 cards but you can increase the quantity of cards in your order which lowers the price per card. These are quite lovely though, elegant and contemporary. Strange as it sounds I collect note cards. Every time I see one I like I buy it because there is always an occasion where, whether you do or not,  you should be sending a note. A hand written note holds a lot more power than we give it credit for, and having nice stationary like this around will encourage people to write them more often!

Price: $11.99
These bags are great for anything! Great bridesmaids gifts, great shopping bags, great for knitting or crocheting supplies, great to keep as a snack bag in the car so things are organized. They are so useful and they are adorable with the embroidery customization. I'm a big fan of the green movement to stop using plastic and paper shopping bags so I have tons of tote bags... but there are never enough so I always support getting another cute one! If I was having more than one bridesmaid I would totally buy these as bridesmaids gifts!
To buy you can use her main store!

Check back later today for even more fun stuff from Etsy!

Comment and let me know what your favorite item I've found so far is! Or what is your favorite item you've bought on Etsy? What theme would you like to see next?

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Oh! The Weather Outside Is .... SlightlyColderThanItWasThisSummer.... ya.

Okay, I'm really starting to miss fall and down here in NC a 'fall day' means its 70 degrees and rain. I love the rain but I want the chill of fall! I want to curl up under a blanket with my cup of cocoa and watch the leaves fall off the trees. The leaves are a fallin but there is no chill in the air and no cocoa for me yet. But that made me think of one of my favorite things, MUGS!

I always have my cocoa mug and my tea mug, my mother has way too many mugs, and my sister has her mugs that match her teapots. I guess it's a family thing. Not to mention they are great to decorate with, great to use, and great to gift!

So here are some of my favorite Etsy mugs of the day!!

Lavender Mug With Yellow Bird by:
Price: $24
Of course I found a mug with a bird on it. But this little birdie is so cute! Perched on the side of your mug he just looks up at you happily. I'm absolutely positive hes just wondering if you're enjoying your hot beverage. This is such an adorable mug and would make a cute display around Easter because of the colors. Not to mention it adds a nice little place for that bunny to hide one of his eggs!

Drinks For The King's Feast by:
Price: $60
I enjoy the Medieval look of this set, and I'm sure my sister would love it. This would make a really awesome gift. Great for serving hot and cold drinks I'm sure, that pitcher would even look great stand alone on a table. For me? This cinnamon red screams fall and I think it would be great for serving hot apple cider to company. Anything that helps me look like a good hostess? I like. And this set is perfect!!!

I Heart Corgi's Mug by:
Price: $11.99
I have a corgi... so I had to list this here. Click on 'My Dog!' on the top of the page to see a few pictures of him. I think this little cartoon corgi is soo cute and I really just want to pick him up and squish him. I love the stubby little legs. This mug just makes me want to giggle!

Hooter Owl Mug by:
Price: $22
Look how cute! Oh man there are so many cute mugs on Etsy today! This little guy would be adorable as a fall decoration or as a gift. Hand painted and in a soft brown color. I love his little stubby feet at the bottom. This is one of those mugs that little kids will enjoy looking at too. I love mugs that make great decorations and function.

20 oz. Brontosaurus Mug by:
Price: $30
A giant mug with a dinosaur. You don't get much more rad than that. I can think of a bunch of my friends who would be very excited to get this as a gift. This is the kind of mug I love in the fall because it means it's filled 50% cocoa and 50% whipped cream. You need a big mug for that! And I can already smell the cocoa now. I'm a big fan of the soft green used for the inside as opposed to using the same hunter green that is on the dinosaur on the outside!

Hand Painted Cups - Dandelions by:
Price: $24
These are classy with a touch of whimsy. The black white and grey is wonderful because they blend with almost any decor. The style of the cup is actually quite elegant with it's soft lines. I really like these. They would work perfectly in my dream dining room (black white and chartreuse). If you like the design but not the cups the artist will put them on something else! Now that's service!

More to come! Keep checking back!

Throw Pillow Therapy

I'm having a rough day today. A tough time with the pups yet again and I need a little throw pillow therapy. Shopping for them puts me at ease. So here are some of my favorites that I came up with today!

Bird on Black by:
Price: $12.50
It's no secret, I like birds. The silhouette on this is something you don't see all too often on a throw pillow though. I really like the placement of it. The asymmetry gives something to the pillow as a whole and makes it more art than it is just taking up space or something to lean on. This is great pillow to use to impress. It would really add something to staging and the simplicity of the design on it lends itself to be paired just swimmingly with a pattern! I would vote polka dots on another pillow to go with it, but that's just me.

Button Monogrammed Pillow by:
Price: $60
This is by far the most expensive throw pillow I've ever listed on here, but I've done it with much thought. Usually I don't recommend splurging so much on something like this but the craftsmanship is absolutely stunning. It has the right combination of preppy monogram cute and bohemian chic about it. I love the buttons and the colors on this are perfect. This designer does accept custom requests so you could get any letter you want. Be sure to check out the whole shop. This pillow would look great on a chair, couch, bed, or guest bed. For me? I think I'll get one to put on a shelf some day when I have a baby. It's the perfect cute soft accent to any room!

Water Lily Embroidery Pillow by:
Price: $22
Navy blue and white is a perfect color combination because it goes with almost anything. Every once in a while I like lineart pillows that make a real statement. I can picture this one on a very cool light yellow armchair in the corner of a room, you know that chair that calls out to you saying come sit down and read a good book and sip some tea? Or perhaps on a white leather couch? It has a very cool modern feeling to it. I approve!

Blue Zoo Pillow by:
Price: $12.95
How cute is this? It would be perfect in a little boy's nursery or in a playroom on the couch! I can see this pillow sitting on a soft glider in a nursery as that pillow to support your back after a long day when you're sitting, and that extra little pop of happy when you're not. With kids around you can never have too many pillows either! I want to make my entire house bump proof every time anyone even thinks about bringing a kid over!

Whale Pillow by:
Price: $22
Oh my goodness it's so cute! I love this little whale silhouette and I especially love that the artist really did this in reverse, highlighting the silhouette with a patterned fabric and putting it on a solid backdrop. What a genius idea! This is one of those adorable things that I would decorate a room around. It's got just enough whimsy to it, and as I've said before and I'll say again. I'm a Cape Cod girl. Nautical steals my heart!
I'll add more pillows throughout the day! Keep checking back!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Don't NEED it... but I WANT it.

Sorry sorry sorry! I've been a bad bad blogger lately. But it has been for good reason! I just moved in with my darling fiance! It was 850 miles of driving to get here which was a 2 day process but I'm here! I got here Saturday afternoon and I've pretty much slept since. The moving truck got here today to deliver my stuff and I've unpacked half of it and we redecorated/organized the second living room, the guest room, and our bedroom. To say we've been busy is an understatement. Not to mention our little baby pup (1 year old husky named Scarlett) got spayed today so our little drugged up Ladybug needed a little extra love.

We are now a 2 pup household and it has not been easy. The pups are not getting along just yet (the making friends has been put on hold until Scarlett heals from her surgery) but the only injury so far has been my finger so it could be worse!

I am now sitting in my new office/the second living room and I'm happy as a clam because for tonight things are quiet and mostly peaceful in the house (knock on wood!) so I thought I'd toss you all a little post of things you don't need but you probably will really want!

Also it has been suggested to post some deals outside of Etsy. What does everyone think? Comment and let me know! I might pop a poll up later too (to make it easier to let me know)!

Tiny Scallop Clock by:
Price: $30
I'm hoping I'm not the only one who thinks this but this little clock reminds me of Alice in Wonderland and Tea Parties. Yes I really really like this. The hands on the clock are so perfect, the shapes and the colors are ADORABLE. I have no place for it right now but I would make a place and I would hang it up and my fiance would be grumpy because I put another hole in the wall but I wouldn't care. It's so cute I want to hug it!

Antique Bronze Anchor Necklace by:
Price: $4.99
I'm a Cape Cod girl, born and raised there, and now I'm in inland NC. I miss the ocean and therefore anything nautical is near and dear to my heart. Recently I've found a fondness for compasses and anchors, especially in jewelry so I really like this. Not to mention $4.99 is an amazing price for any necklace!!

4 Pocket Card Wallet by:
Price: $23.95
Perfect for those quick errands this is a 4 pocket card wallet that will hold your license, your atm card, a credit card, and a little bit of cash! Awesome if you don't want to carry a big bulky purse or you live in an area with a high mugging rate (this is directed at my sister). Not to mention its got that cute little bird on the branch on it and the stitching makes it adorable! I want it!

Caliente Button Magnets by:
Price: $7.50
I hate the way that a refrigerator looks when the front of it is covered by magnets that companies give you for free as advertisement!! A refrigerator is not a city bus stop bench! I want my magnets to match my decor in the kitchen or at least be impossibly cute! My kitchen is off white and gray with green accents (rental house... we aren't allowed to paint so I threw in some green for color!) but I would still use these in there because they are so darn cute. They will make your fridge look all happy!

Chocolate Mint Cake Truffles by:
Price: $13.50
First off, HA! Betcha didn't know yo could buy delicious things like this on Etsy now did you? Yes Etsy does have a food section and these wonderful confectioners will actually custom make your orders and ship them to you quickly and these little guys made my mouth water. Chocolate cake with mint chocolate coating? It's like everything I long for every day! Bonus? My fiance hates mint and chocolate mixed together unless it is ice cream. I would love some of these to hide in the freezer to have one on a bad day or a day that I just need a little pick me up. Yummm! They look so good!
More to come! Keep checking back!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Decorate For Less!

Sorry I never finished my post yesterday, turns out I was sleepier than I thought. I'm still a bit sleepy but I've got to stay up and pack and clean so here I am! I'm going to finish up what I missed yesterday and add on more today of what was requested. Hope you all find something you like. Leave me a comment and let me know!

Since Autumn Decorations were requested I will happily be posting some up here but I'm going to try to pick a new subject of them each day to help stretch through the season. Starting off today with wreaths! Enjoy

Simply Pumpkin Berry Wreath by:
Price: $31
There are a lot of things I really love about this wreath. First off the fact that it's not just orange, brown, and red. This wreath is vibrant and still seasonably appropriate. The greens and yellows and purples really add a lot to it. Secondly it doesn't look like a traditional wreath in the fact that it's not just a bunch of stuff stuck to a premade wreath. Instead of being accents on a circular piece of woven sticks it is actually a ring of eye catching seasonably appropriate things! This would be adorable on your front door, over your fireplace, or even laying flat in the center of your dining room table with a dish of candles inside (one of my favorite fall centerpieces)! And of course, the best thing about wreathes?! You can save them and use them next year too! So the real price of a wreath is price ÷ number of years used = actual price.

Argyle Owl by:
Price: $40
Now how often do you find an argyle wreath?! And the flowers on this? It's absolutely adorable! This little guy I probably wouldn't display on my outside door unless it was behind a storm door because I'd want to keep him around for a few years. This is one of those cute and interesting pieces that your friends come over and ask you casually where you got it trying to sound like they are making conversation but really they just want to get one for themselves so they look just as spiffy as you. This is perfect for a young couple or a family with kids. It adds that little touch of playfulness. It's good to never take yourself too seriously!

Mustard & Autumn Berry Wreath by:
Price: $55
If you're looking for a classic wreath that is perfect to take you through the fall and winter this one is perfect. To dress it up a bit more for the holiday season just buy some ribbon and give it a big bow (for those of you who don't want to tie your own bow you can always get the premade ones) or if you're looking for something a bit more cutesy get a little holiday stuffed animal to sit in there. But I love the fall harvesty feeling this one gives off with the berries. The gold in it glows and reminds me of the warm and toasty feeling in a house at parties and the smell of warm cider and the fire crackling in the fireplace. Mmmm I love it!!

Sweet Autumn Blooming Wreath by:
Price: $48
Wow! This wreath just grabs your attention right away. The flowers and the way they extend from the branches just reminds me of dancing flames or the bright look of wheat fields in the early morning in the fall. It perfectly captures the beauty of that autumn gold and this is a style that I can't see going out for a long time. The spray wreath has more of a contemporary feel and the whole look of this wreath is simply stunning. Absolutely perfect. I don't even know what to say!

Harvest Yarn Wreath by:
Price: $30
This wreath really gives a warm rich feeling that will carry you through late November. The mixture of yarn and ribbon reminds me of elegance and being surrounded by family at the same time. I appreciate the asymmetry of this wreath as it creates a much more contemporary feel and the reds and deep oranges on this give it a wonderful rich warmth. This is a wreath that you could use for years to come! 
And now my next request, Vinyl Wall Decals for a little girls nursery featuring orange! (under $30)
Keep in mind most wall decals come in a range of colors, customized to your choice if you just contact the designer. Enjoy!

Every Day I Love You Vinyl Decal by:
 Price: $15
This is absolutely adorable and a perfect sentiment to have in a nursery (perhaps a nice reminder in the beginning after the 2 am feedings have worn you down). I'm a firm believer in having something that you say to those you love at least once a day. For example, every night before I go to bed I say to my dog 'Goodnight Oliver James. I love you very much.' As strange as it sounds he knows what that means and he curls up and goes to sleep when he hears it. This is something I think everyone should say to their babies several times a day!

Butterfly (set of 16) Wall Decal by:
Price: $18.90
These come as 16 separate decals that you can place as you want. I love the little bit of whimsy that comes with this decal and little girls will love this even as they get older. You could place them anywhere you wanted in the room. Above a crib or on the floor will give your little one hours of entertainment just looking at them. They are so adorable! Can't wait until I have a nursery to decorate (well... I can but I can't at the same time).

Pixie Dust Tinkerbelle Vinyl Decal by:
Price: $20
This is my favorite quote from my favorite Disney movie so I had to add it on here! I've always been a Peter Pan fan and I think this quote and the design of this decal is absolutely adorable. Again a decal that is perfect for a nursery up through a little girls room! It will last you years and keeps the childlike feeling alive. It is a wonderful thing!

Colorful Tree Chandelier with Birds by:
Price: $12.99
I always planned on putting a small chandelier in my first daughters nursery but I realize that may not be in my price range but this little decal chandelier is a very cute idea. Sure it doesn't really have the same feel but it is quite adorable not to mention bright and colorful! I really like this decal and the price is absolutely wonderful!

Birdies & A Branch Decal by:
Price: $14
Simple but pretty. And birds. Great for a corner of a room or coming off of a door frame. These are cute and add just a bit of interest! They are really cute little birds and I personally really like this decal. I'm considering using this for my living room some day. If you don't want an overwhelming decal this is a good one for you!
Keep checking back! I'll be adding more throughout the day!!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Bad Little Blogger!

Sorry I've been such a bad little blogger lately! But in my defense it's been a super busy week plus and is going to continue to be crazy and a half until this coming Sunday, then if all goes well it'll be smooth sailing for the rest of my life. But of course things never go as planned and thats where the fun kicks in!

Over this just past weekend I was at my darling cousins wedding which I absolutely adored! It could have been called an Etsy themed wedding and everything was spectacular! She was beyond stunning and her husband is such a sweet heart I wish them both the very best!

Now it is time to return to our regularly scheduled Etsy. Are you ready for this? We're starting back with all my request that I need to fill! 

Request #1: Crib sheets to go with an orange nursery, under $20!

Hand Made Bright Orange Crib Sheet by:
Price: $13.50
If you really just wanted orange this is the way to go! Or any other color because this seller has several. These are all hand made in a smoke free pet free home so there is nothing to worry about harming your little jelly bean! Great for those surprise gender babies, orange is really coming into style and I'm personally becoming a big fan of it!

Crib Sheet Chains by:
Price: $15
For those of you who like a bit more modern and still want that splash of color this sheet is PERFECT. You can decorate a room in browns, creams, and whites, giving it a very relaxing feeling and then just add that pop of orange to make it feel young. This pattern is not something you would expect for a nursery either but it's still really cute and something that isn't cookie cutter from a magazine. I like that because I feel like therehas been less suggestion planted in my brain and its more of my creativity to flow with it in decoration!

Safari to Dreamland by:
Price: $16
Or you can bring a cute little jungle into your nursery! These little animals are adorable and this would go with any bedroom furniture. I also adore the fact that instead of being just two colors it introduces greens and yellows too. This will help keep the orange from becoming overwhelming and it is something interesting for baby to look at as he or she gets a little older. Perhaps buy you a few minutes of extra sleep after the little one wakes up!!

Hope these help!

Request #2 Cute Office Supplies/Desk/Organizer Things!:

Jumbo Paperclips in Moss Flutterby Fabric by:
Price: $4
I always find humor in miniature or oversized items and these paperclips are no exception. Not to mention the fabric on these are adorable! Now I know what you're thinking, 'they are giant paperclips, so?' well, lets think about this folks. How often on your desk do you have a pile of papers that you look at and say 'I need these so I'm going to stack them together but I'm never going to find them later' and then later comes and you can't find them. Giant Paperclips! With the buttons they will stick out so you can easily find things on your desk, they are big enough to hold lots of paper, they are super cute, and only $4. When you're not using them thumb tack them up somewhere for decoration. Perfect!

Birds & Flowers Decorating File Folders by:
Price: $4.49
YOU may like plain old boring file folders but I sure don't! No, joking aside, decorating file folders (besides being adorable) are very functional. I always manage to label my folders improperly but for some reason I can always manage to remember what the folder looks like that I put things in so I always buy cute and patterned file folders. Of course they also are a bonus because they don't look so dooming. Instead of 'Ugh look at that file full of paperwork I have to sort through' it becomes 'Aww! Look at that cute folder!'. Two thumbs up in my book.

Printable Weekly Calendar by:
Price: $5
Okay, so, SUCH A GOOD IDEA! For $5 you get emailed a pdf (for those of you that don't know, it's a type of file for your computer that you can open and print) that you can print of color coded by month, weekly calendar. If that didn't make sense I apologize, I'm beyond exhausted right now. You print them out, write in the days of the week, and then instead of just having a single block or being broken up by hour it has morning, afternoon, and evening spots. You can punch holes in it and put it in a binder and the best news for you perfectionists like me, if you mess something up you can just print out another and copy it over!! Love love love this.

Pink & White Damask Designer Can No. 035 by:
Price: $8
So you can throw your pens and pencils into a coffee mug or something equally as mundane or get a cute one like this that spices up your desk! And with this you can be part of the upcycling movement! Upcycling is taking something that would otherwise be tossed aside and making it better and reuseable. This is made from an aluminum can but has been covered on the outside AND inside and decorated to be oh so cute! Don't YOU want to help save the planet?

Alright, I've been traveling since the wee hours of the morning so  it's time for this little blogger to grab a little shut eye. When I return I'll give you more for office/desk supplies and cute things and then.... AUTUMN DECORATIONS! Get excited!

Feel free to comment with features you'd like to see in the future!

Friday, September 10, 2010

My Apologies

Sorry all, I'm feeling under the weather today whilst trying to pack and move and fly down to visit my fiance slash go to my cousins wedding so I haven't posted yet today. I will try to get a post up some point today! Keep checking back

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Things You Didn't Think You Needed. But Now You Do!

I thought I'd start today off with another random post because thats where my brain is right now. Scattered. Yes, I have 3 days to pack up my life (everything from the past 20 years that I've accumulated that I want to keep/ever see again) and I've packed a grand total of 1 small box. And it doesn't even have important things in it. So I figured this might keep you all interested for a few hours until I've worked myself into a tizzy and can take a break. Hope you like it! Read on little blog gobblers, read on.

Love Bird Salt and Pepper Shakers/Wedding Cake Toppers by:
Price: $29
If my sister is reading this right now (who is wonderful and amazing and making my wedding cake for me) please make sure the cake is flat enough on top/has something that can hold these. As soon as I have more than two pennies to rub together I'm getting these. I know it may sound silly but I've been looking for bird salt and pepper shakers and I think these would actually be adorable on top of my wedding cake! They can be painted in any color you want or come unpainted and they are so cute. I have no idea what started my little bird obsession but I LOVE THESE!!!!!!

Outdoor Rustic Lantern by:
Price: $24.50
Wow, these are so simple and elegant and beautiful. The fall is a great time to bundle up in the evening (or in the cases of some areas of the world, go outside in your tshirt) and look at the stars and the changing leaves. Turning on porch lights can be a bit harsh and tiki-torches are out of season but these little beauties are gorgeous. Hang them or sit them on your fence posts and they will look absolutely stunning. Something that your friends will all be jealous of too. You're not going to find these little beauties just anywhere.

Decorative Wall Hook by:
Price: $12
Prettier than your average wall hook and great for everwhere! When you come in the front door and you don't feel like trudging to your coat closet and trying to find a hanger then wrestling your coat back in, or if you're going out again. Great in the bathroom for extra towels or wash cloths, great in the bedroom for your bathrobe or night dress? Extra hooks are always a good idea if you're like me and for some reason have it hard wired in your brain that hangers are too fancy and must only be used when necessary.

A Pair of Shabby-Chic Sconces by:
Price: $36
I love sconces but never had any. My apartment was too small that I ran out of wall space or they didn't make sense anywhere and I grew up with a woman who didn't believe putting holes in a wall to put up something you loved even if it would be there for the next 15 years and it was only a pin hole, was a good idea. Now that I'm moving in with my fiance I'm excited to buy something like this and put them up! Sconces are one of my favorite types of decor, whether they be candle or electrical, or purely for decor purposes. I think they are beautiful and really add a flair of elegance to any room.

Clock With Attitude by:
Price: $17
I actually stumbled upon this little guy a few months ago when I was shopping for decorations for our nerd lair (my fiance and I opted for a nerd lair instead of a man cave because we both want a comfy place to go where we can play video games and eat unhealthy food and not be judged. and we are both nerdy and love it!) But I really loved how humorous I found this little clock with his giant hands. Maybe its just my quirky sense of humor but I really hope you like it too. The only thing that stops my fiance from liking this as much as me is hes not sold on Roman Numerals.

I will try to add more throughout the day! Enjoy! And enjoy your day!

Whats your favorite find today? Thus far?