Saturday, September 4, 2010

Etsy Finds Of The Day!! Sept. 4

If any of you don't know (because you've been living under a rock perhaps?) Etsy is It is probably the coolest site you'll ever find if you exist on a budget and like really cool stuff. I do say stuff on purpose though, because thats what it is, stuff. You cannot simply fit it all in one category. You can find everything from necklaces, throw pillows,and giant oil paintings, to hand made clocks, wedding dresses, and antique furniture. You can get lost for hours on this site and be quite content.

I make a habit of going on there at least once a day. I buy quite often. I'll start posting up things that I buy too! Let you know what I think of them.

But perhaps the best feature of is the buyers. Plain Janes and Joes like you and me who are just so appreciative of your business! It's a great place to buy a gift for a friend or even start your own shop selling your art (whatever style it may be).

But the point is! Here are my rad finds of the day, tell me what you think.

set of 3 (25x25 cm) wall hanging canvases by:


Price: $55

For me the hardest thing to find is something pretty and unique to put on a wall in a room. You know a real eye catcher that doesn't overwhelm. This would be beautiful in any sort of living room (over a couch), dining room, bedroom, you name it. And because they are 3 separate canvases you can place them how you want, even make it a bit funky. And this is a total steal at $55.


 oversized green cameo necklace by:


Price: $12.50

Alright! I admit, I have a soft spot for cameos. I will never forget being a little girl and falling in love with a pair of cameo shoes I found one day out shopping with my mom. She bought them for me and I wore them everywhere, even when they didn't match (like with my orange corduroys which I also loved). One day the cameo fell off the toe of one and I was crushed. I haven't had a cameo since. But this necklace is ADORABLE! Silver plated and it looks light weight. I like the oversize of it, kind of funky. It'd be a great fall accent piece especially with a something else.. maybe layered under a hounds tooth scarf? I'm not sure. But I'd find excuses.

milk glass vase by:


price: $5

At $5 you can't go wrong!! This is adorable. My mother had one of these growing up that had been my great grandmothers. We used it just as an accent piece (looks cute anywhere, on a mantle, on a shelf, on a table) or on occasion to hold a single stem of something. (Imagine it with a big pink gerber daisy in it. Cute, right?). It's one of those all purpose vases that is just awesome. Need a specific color in a room? Grab a can of spray paint and voila! Matches any decor!


 Birds of a Feather - Crib Sized Quilt by:


Price: $185

Alright, now I have no bun in the oven currently, but I promise you the day I do, if I find out it is a girl I am buying this quilt! Made in a smoke free & pet free studio there are no worries that anything dirty is in this that could hurt your little jelly bean! The vibrant colors are so happy and it would match just about any nursery color you could throw at it. This is the kind of blanket that you can use in the crib and maybe on their first bed and when the outgrow it frame it and use it as wall art. Hand quilted, it's adorable! Granted this is pricier than other items I've posted but hand quilting takes time... and creates quality. Go ahead and splurge!


 Black and Off White Coaster Set by:


Price: $10.99

Black and off white? It's hard to go wrong, and these coasters are cute with a bit of a bohemian flair. I love the mis-matching patterns in the same colors. These are all backed with a thick black foam so you don't have to worry about them scratching anything and they are made on tiles so there is no worry about heat transfer! The artist will also make you different color ones if you want and to add an additional coaster to your set is only $1.75. If you're still using napkins and paper towels as coasters on your coffee table then these are a must have!

 Mini Adjustable Strap Carpet Bag in Mustard by:


Price: $30

So if my fiance wanted to know what to get me for our anniversary? This is it. I love love love this bag! If you couldn't tell I like yellow... a lot. And this is the PERFECT fall shade of yellow. This bag is little 10''x12'' but thats a good size to keep me restrained (I have a tendency to carry everything I could possibly ever need in my purse). Not the point. This bag is made with fabric that is dirt resistant and non-absorbant, the nylon will also dry quickly if it does get wet. It also sports 2 layers of stiffener so it keeps its cute shape. This is a durable bag that doesn't look like a 'durable' bag. It keeps the cute while keeping the function. 


 Owl Bookend by:


Price: $26

Hands down these are the CUTEST bookends I've ever seen. They come in tons of different color combination, all $26 a piece. These would be great for a kids room, a nursery... or in my case the living room of an engaged couple soon to be married. Yes, these are too cute to resist I'm going to have to buy some for myself. It will look adorable just sitting on a shelf and with all the combination of colors and patterns I can find one to match any decor I want to! These little guys are filled with beans so they can stand up and hold some weight and oh my gosh they are just too adorable!

 Autumn Elegance Note Cards (Set of 4) by:


Price: $8

These are really beautiful note cards! If there is one thing I've learned it's you can never get enough note cards. I prefer ones that do not say anything on the front so you don't have to be so occasion specific and these are great like that. Perfect for Thank Yous, or Get Well Soons, or I Miss You Oodleses. Never underestimate the power of a hand written note. Emails are fine for quick things but notes mean a lot. Now $8 may seem a bit steep to some people for 4 cards but just look at some greeting cards next time you go to the store. A birthday or thank you card from the major companies can cost up to $4 a card and they aren't as pretty as these! I call these a deal!

 Wall Clock Blue Amy Butler Paper by:


Price: $20

I love clocks! But they have to be cute still. I've been shopping for a good cute clock lately but haven't been able to find one. This is adorable! For $20 (not including shipping) you get a clock that also functions as art. All it needs to run is a single AA battery! This listing gives the measurement for diameter of the clock in millimeters but I calculated it out for you. It's a little under 10'' across. Not too big, not too small, and adorable!


So what do you think after day one? Leave me some comments! What do you like? What do you hate? What should I do next?

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