Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Sight Unseen!

Good morning Blogiverse! I realized this morning that in reality I fall back into a lot of the same stuff all the time. Today I'm heading for things I haven't covered before. Some may be similar but it is going to err on the side of change. I hope you like what I found and I will try to justify my findings today too!

Giraffe 5x7 Print by:
Price: $12
I love this, when I passed by it, it just really caught my eye. And I know what you're thinking 'why yes, it is rather bright orange!' it wasn't just that though. I love the mixed-media effect of it. Clearly the illustration was done in great detail with pen and ink (one of my favorite types of artwork) but then it mixes the bold graphical look of digital art (which is my medium) in a modern and very contrasting way. The very plain very bold color plays a beautiful contract to the clearly very detailed and realistic drawing of the giraffe. This is the perfect kind of funky art that you can really center an entire room around. You can bet I will be visiting this shop again when my husband and I move into our new house and I'm decorating.

Victorian Sawn Porch Balusters by:
Price: $11.49
I know a lot of people who read this blog are DIYers and if you need to update your porch these are gorgeous (take a second to look at the page because there is a picture of them being used! This artist also boasts free shipping (which is awesome!) and can cut as many of these as you need. If you're updating your home or want to add some interest to your porch these are definitely the way to go. This artist has more styles too!

Therapy Back Relief Heat Pad by:
Price: $16.95
If you have never used something like this before I urge you to buy one today. These are incredible. I have really bad cramps because of a medical condition and my husband is in the Air Force working all day with his back craned at odd angles and comes home at the end of the day pretty sore. I had one of these (not quite as nice) for my cramps but he also loves it for his back! Way cheaper than buying those pharmacy brand back heating pads. These are reuseable whenever you want and this ingenious design of sewing it in 8 sections so all the heated materials don't fall right to the bottom is such a brilliant idea. My puppy got a hold of mine and destroyed it so when I get some money I think I will be ordering another one of these.

Recycled Soda Can Art Coke Pig Magnet by:
Price: $4.50
What a cute idea! You all know that I love upcycled things, well my husband drinks coke like nobody's business so this would be a perfect little thing for our fridge, especially because I'm always complaining of not having enough magnets (I have the magnetic chip clips but no magnet magnets). This little guy is adorable too and the bright colors of the coke can make him so happy. I love it!

Diaper Cupcakes Baby Shower Gift - Set of 4 by:
Price: $17.95
I know 3 girls who are currently pregnant with little boys and two who just had little boys so I've been sending a lot of baby gifts. Now unfortunately it's a little less fun to shop for baby boys because the selection is so limited. I always want to give something cute because its a baby... babies are cute, and the mommies are clearly girls. This is a perfect gift. Unlike a diaper cake it these are easily shippable ( I live far away from most of my friends who are expecting) and they are full of great stuff. Socks, Diapers, and Baby Wash Cloths. Not to mention they are just sooo cute! What a great gift idea!


Hope you like what I stumbled across today. Have a great day today everyone!

Be sure to let me know what you thought of todays post? Do you like it? Do you want me to do more single item themed posts? Should I go back to my usual style? Comment to give your opinion! Every opinion counts!


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