Tuesday, February 15, 2011

What You Should Have Given Me For Valentines Day

Good Morning Blogiverse! I hope you all had a lovely Valentine's Day. I did, I got to see a friend, it was a beautiful 70 degrees out here, and I got a ton of errands done which was great! I made my guy a cheesey home made Valentine that mentioned zombies on the inside and got him a small gift then made him fried chicken for dinner. I think I'm slowly learning how to be southern. He has been telling me for weeks he wasn't going to get me anything for Valentine's Day... and he was true to his word. I think he realized the mistake in that when he got home. I wasn't mad, just a little sad. Would have thought he would have wanted to make this Valentine's Day special because its our first year as a married couple (yes we're married, but the wedding isn't for a few more days.) Alas, he did not. Of course I've also magically gained back a pound in one day that it took me 3 days to lose, and I have no idea how so maybe its good he didn't buy me a bag of my favorite Sweet Tart Hearts or that box of Russell Stover Assorted Chocolates I pointed out to him and said 'I want that for Valentine's Day'. And yes, my darling came home and said 'I didn't know anything you wanted!' Oh well. I still love him dearly.

But todays post is dedicated to things I would have been more than happy to get on Valentine's Day as just a little, non-traditional 'I love you' gift.

Raspberry Rosewater Jam by:
Price: $7
It had occured to me that there are really 3 kinds of people in the world. Grape Jelly People, Strawberry Jelly People, and Raspberry Jam People. It is not often that people from these worlds take upon themselves the tastes of others and my darling is a Grape Jelly person. The stuff honestly makes me sick to even look at, but when I make him his breakfast in bed three or more times a week it is usually including toast with grape jelly. And then when we go to the store I always get his grape jelly but and so preoccupied I forget to get my raspberry jam or raspberry preserves. And I say that whenever we get home. I think he could have bought me a jar of raspberry jam for Valentine's Day without breaking the bank. Maybe I will buy myself some of this because it looks way more delicious than even the already delicious kinds you can get from the grocery store. And BEAUTIFULLY staged GroovyJams. Good job!

PeanutButter and Milk Chocolate Fudge made with Organic PeanutButter by:
Price: $8.50
Homemade delicious looking fudge that includes two of my favorite foods, chocolate and peanut butter. Now I'm a baker and I recently got a kitchenaid mixer but there are a few foods I'm afraid to try making for fear of messing them up and fudge is one of them, so I don't get it often. Theres no real substitute for homemade fudge either. Can't buy it in the store and chocolate fudge truffles are not REAL fudge. I miss it, it's been a really long time... probably over a year and a half since I have had real fudge. Now I really want some... darn it.

Crunchy and Chocolatey Cripsy Rice Cereal and Milk Chocolate - 1lb box by:
Price: $18
I love crunch bars and my darling knows that but besides that he knows my odd love of non-uniformly shaped chocolate pieces. I even eat kit kat bars by biting into them instead of breaking the sticks apart. If any of you have ever had a chocolate orange? My favorite part is the core. So pretty much these oddly shaped blocks of chocolate covered in crispy rice are my dream come true. These are making my mouth water and I may have to go out and buy some crunch bars and forget my diet today. One reviewer of these said they were better than crunch bars even! YUM!

My Favorite - Letterpress Greeting Card by:
Price: $4
The artist said this is what she and her husband say to each other when they are feeling cheesey and that made me smile because thats what me and my guy do too. He could have just given me a card for Valentine's Day and I would have been super happy. One like his would have been even better. Something that is more personalized than the mass produced sappy Valentine's Day greeting cards. He wouldn't have even had to write anything inside, just sign it and it would have meant a lot to me. I don't care what everyone else says, a hand written anything is such a special gift! And I love this notecard.

Tan Dotted Carpet Bag with Handles by:
Price: $40
I had to revisit one of my all time favorites on Etsy. I've featured this artist at least twice before but I am over the moon in love with these bags and my husband actually knows about this blog and I've shown it to him before... if he had just thought to look at this and figure out what I like, I'm pretty sure any artist that he convo'ed on Etsy could have helped him pick out the perfect gift for me. Especially because I'm walking around with a broken purse right now which looks awful and this bag is super adorable cute.


Hope you all had a lovely Valentine's Day with your loved ones and feel free to remind your guys from me 'just because you say you're not getting me anything, in advance, doesn't mean that when you don't get me anything that you won't be in trouble'!

More posts to come in the near future! Hope you have a splendid day!


  1. Such a Wonderful Blog Post Molly! Thank You so much for liking and including My PeanutButter/Milk Chocolate Fudge! I am Honored! :)

    And, you are so right, chocolate fudge truffles are not REAL fudge. ;)

    Many Smiles, Pennie

  2. You're welcome Pennie! I looked through you entire shop and everything looks absolutely scrumptious!

    & Thank you Laura!