Sunday, February 13, 2011

ALBTM Sunday Edition!

Sorry I never finished my pre-valentines day post. One thing turns into another as always and I never made it back, but it is Sunday, I don't have to work today, and I've finished cleaning my house (aside from the laundry... which I just HATE) so time to post again.

So today I decided to do a paper themed post since most people think of Sunday Edition and news papers... or at least I do. So lets see what cool papery stuff I can find!!

Artists Sketchbook, Handmade In Turquoise Suede by:
Price: $13.96
Need a gift for an artist? Want something pretty to sketch in yourself? Need an interest piece for a coffee or end table? This is perfect. I mean look how stunningly beautiful it is! This notebook comes in turquoise (shown), hot pink, purple, and charcoal gray. All of them are just fabulous looking. If you try to buy something this beautiful anywhere else you will probably be paying between $25-40 so this is a great deal! Beautiful beautiful beautiful!

Map Envelopes - Set of 10 by:
Price: $7.50
What a completely cool idea! These envelopes are hand made out of gorgeous maps. Add a bit of interest to the everyday boring! Great for any sort of letter or invitation (destination wedding envelopes anyone?) I know what you're thinking, 'but you won't be able to read the address?!' These nifty envelopes come with a white label to stick on with the address so you can read it but you're still not going to miss the beauty of the envelope itself. Genius! Love love love.

Happily Ever After Print (digital file) by:
Price: $8.00
First off I think this print is super cute/adorable/vintage/cool. It appears to me that you can alter the date on the tree? Or the designer does it for you? I'm not sure but either way theres a date on the tree which is cute for anything, anniversary, babys birthday, anything. All you do is get this printed somewhere or print it yourself and you can frame it. You get the digital file sent to you for that $8. And the better news is a. you don't have to wait for it to ship, b. if it gets ruined you can print it again, and c. you don't have to pay for shipping. Awesome? Awesome.

Thank You Note Letterpress Set - Hedgehogs by:
Price: $15
For $15 you get 5 of these adorable notecards with coordinating envelopes. Don't want it to say 'Thank You' on the front? No problem, the artist offers to make these blank notecards as well. I don't know about everyone else but I LOVE notecards/cards of all sorts. I always want something interesting to send out so that the recipient likes more than just the message inside and so I actually want to use them which is the driving force in getting me to sit down and write out thank you notes. I may be ordering some of these myself for my wedding thank you notes. Cause they are just so so so cute!

Come Fly With Me Birdie Layered Pop Up Card by:
Price: $3.99
This beautiful design is a single blank inside card but WOW whoever gets this card will certainly be very impressed. This will brighten their day for sure. Or if you're more like me, you would probably buy it intending to send it to someone when the time was right but then end up buying a frame and putting it on the wall instead because this is much more than a greeting card, this is stunning art. Gorgeous.


Hope you like what I've found today! Only 20 days left til my wedding so I might be a bit busy and not around all the time but I hope to keep up with a post here and there. Keep checking back!

Leave any comments or questions or requests for posts below!


  1. As always, LOVELY selections! I'm off to do a little more shopping! :) Enjoy your Valetine's Day and the next twenty days!!

  2. Thank you! I hope you have a lovely Valentines Day as well!!

  3. Thanks for featuring my card! :)
    Hope your Valentines was awesome. Also, love those envelopes you found!

  4. You're welcome Suzy! Thanks for making such beautiful artwork, I love all of your cards!