Sunday, September 5, 2010

Bedroom On Etsy

Alright! This is what you asked for so I gave it a go. I designed a whole room just using Etsy stuff. I went for a bedroom because it was the easiest to find stuff for on there but I had no idea how much of a challenge this would be to do!! Not to mention of course I can't get my hands on the stuff right now to assemble the room so my poorly made collage is all you get to look at and you really have to use your imagination. I'll break it down by item for you though and try to explain my inspiration. Here we go!

Primitive Americana Red Pencil Post Canopy Bed by:
Price: $ 1,783
Okay this is by far the most expensive piece I've posted on here thus far, but well worth it. This little beauty is hand made custom for you, can be painted how you wanted, and ships for free (to the continental US). I picked this because it has the pop of red I absolutely adore against the light blue and for its really different and fabulous look! You can't tell me that this wouldn't look good! The only other possibility for me would be have it painted a shabby-chic white.

Cherry Blossom Cotton and Satin Duvet Cover by:
Price: $ 400
This beautiful duvet cover caught my eye as soon as I clicked onto the page. Really I prefer duvet covers to quilts because you can take them off and wash them with your sheets and you can pick just the level of warmth you want from it! This beauty is hand made and the detailing is adorable and beautiful at the same time. It isn't very often that you find a duvet with a hand sewn picture on it. I like the change from a distracting pattern and this one can be appreciated by people at all different ages.

Custom Damask Drapes 50x96 in WAV8 by:
Price: $92 (per pannel)
Drapery is always pricey... so especially is custom drapery, but this is worth it. I always had a soft spot for Damask prints. I think they look really elegant. One thing I really adored about these though is the seller donates 15% of her profits to projects in Uganda to provide wells for water, food, and care for orphans with AIDS. That is a great conversation piece and every time you look at your drapes you can think you saved someones life! Not to mention these drapes are lined and will last probably through your grandchildren's lives they look so sturdily made. (Added bonus! She can make these into custom shower curtains too!!)

Two Brass Vintage Frames by:
Price: $10
No, I was not kidding about that price either! It's such a steal, I almost bought these myself before posting them up here but I have to move soon and I'm afraid to buy any more because moving is expensive and I can't fit everything in the truck as it is. But these little guys are BEAUTIFUL! Aged to perfection they add a bit of fairytale romantic whimsy if you ask me. You can use these to frame something (pictures, fabric, ect), turn them into mirrors, or my personal favorite, just hang them as they are! They would be beautiful in any room!
Country Shabby Table Heirloom by:
Price: $65
This little table is adorable as an end table or a hallway table, or just a decorative table. I love the antique look of it and the shabby-chic paint job. I think $65 is a fair price for it too. The only downside is this is a pick-up only item, but I suppose thats good news for all of you who live in and around NJ because thats less competition for you to get this! Of course I could always stop on my way to NC and get it for myself...

 Palomino Gold Dupioni Silk Pillow by:
Price: $10 (cover only)
The picture is a little blurry but I know this fabric like the back of my hand (my wedding dress is Dupioni Silk) and I love it! It had that little bit of shimmer and shine without being too flashy! (This pillow is not gonna scream 'LOOK AT ME! I'M A THROW PILLOW!' when you walk into the room, it's just going to enhance the entire look) . And for $10 for a throw pillow cover that is an AWESOME deal! (scroll down further for a great deal on throw pillow inserts)
16'' Baby Blue Throw Pillow Cover by:
Price: $10
Again you really can't beat $10... unless its $9, but thats not the point. This is a great price on a pillow cover and adding polka dots to the room brings it from a very serious (but pretty) looking room to something that is a bit more playful. I am a huge fan of polka dots and a huge fan of mixing patterns and textures in a space and I think this would look adorable with the quilt and other throw pillows. What do you think?

Faux Silk Rust Brown Auburn Pillow Cover by:
Price: $13
This is the most expensive out of the throw pillows I picked for this room, but still not astronomical! $13 is a very fair price for this sort of thing, the total to buy an insert an this would still be under $20 a pillow which is average to less than the going rate on them. The color and pattern on this just added a little oomph to the room that I really liked and the faux silk adds a little more shine which I am a fan of. Overall a good buy I think!!
Pillow insert-Natural 14x 14 inch by:
Price: $4.50
Lets all start by saying 'Thank you, Nancy!' For she has solved our cover-only-on-throw-pillow problem and with exceptionally reasonable prices. At $4.50 a pillow, (and she will make whatever size you need) we've struck gold today. I just stumbled upon this and it made me soooo happy. You can order yourself up a few of these, and then a few more for backup (get  your space bags ready) and you'll never run out. And at $4.50 if Fluffy and Fido want a new chew toy while you're gone it's not the end of the world, you can just get a new one (except maybe the cover of the pillow... depending on how much you paid for it you might have to get a bit grumpy.)

So I hope my attempt at a room met your standards. Please comment and let me know if you want me to ever do a room again, or maybe next time you want me to mix and match stores to make a room and not all entirely Etsy! If you have any ideas for themes too please leave them as comments! I'd love to hear from you! Thanks for reading!

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