Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Fall Feeling Fhotos.

Ya, I spelled that wrong on purpose. You'll survive. I'm about to run out for a bit so I thought I'd leave you with a post. I've decided that in ever room there isn't giant piece of art for me that will make the room and I love photography. Etsy has great deals on photography of all sizes, so why not make a wall of it. Buy a box set of frames, or all different frames (different sizes, colors, shapes) and hang them all over a wall in different groupings, patterns, shapes, with some nice pictures. You'll have something to always look at and so will guests.

Here are some of my Etsy favorites with a bit of a fall feeling to them!

Antique Clocks Photograph by:
Price: $10
For $10 you get a 4x6 or for $15 you can get a 5x7 copy of this photograph. I like the reflections that come off the clock faces and the variety of different arms, and of course the sepia tone in the photograph. The soft browns are really a very current color to use in decorating and this picture has a nice modern/antiquey feel to it. I'd love to see this in a living room. 
Snow Flurries by:
Price: $35
Alright, I know what you're thinking. 'Snow?! That's winter not fall you nutter!' Well I'm a New England girl born and raised and it can snow in October, it can snow in April, it can even snow in August if it damn well pleases. But when you look in the background of this you see the browns and ever greens and in the foreground the faded fence post - that looks like fall to me, and this photograph is just SO beautiful with this owl. I think this picture is absolutely stunning.

Mountain Ash and Clothespins by:
Price: $25
I've always thought that the best way to know when art is really speaking to you rather than you pretending that it speaks to you is when you look at it and suddenly you're somewhere else. Looking at this I feel like I'm 5 or 6 again and at my grandmother's farm playing catch a falling leaf out by the cow fields. Sometimes its not a feeling of a time it gives me, but sometimes its a smell. If it brings back a happy memory it's a good thing. This photograph is beautiful and it reminds me of a wonderful time in my life. The colors are stunning and I'd love to have this hanging in any room of my home.

Three Amigos by:
Price: $25
I think this is very cute and I love the vintage feel of the photo. Sort of a 'I found this in Grandma's old album.' color tone used in it. Even within the mute the vibrant reds pop and the cool blues calm. Looking at the sky you can feel how crisp of a day that is. I feel like this piece would look stunning mounted over your fireplace  or over your bed for the fall. When you're grumpy from raking all your leaves and then two hours later your yard is full of your neighbors you can look at this and remember without those leaves beauty like this wouldn't occur.

Lanterns by:
Price: $15
Beautiful beautiful Chinese lantern plant! Can you believe these are really real? They are so stunning and this is a perfect picture for the fall. I'm not usually a fan of the grey/orange/red combo but something about this one lures me in. It's one of those pictures that you want to stare at both up close and far away! Oooh and it would look so nice with a white or cream mat and in a black frame. Worth well more than $15!

Kelowna Orchard by:
Price: $18
One of my personal favorite fall activities is apple picking! And making apple crisp of course, because it smells so good and tastes so good too. I cannot wait for the fall and this picture makes me feel like I'm already there. Can't you feel that warm ray of sun about to poke through the cloud and warm your face even in the chilly air? Because I can. And I can smell the apples like they are right in front of me. I love it, and this picture has so many vibrant colors. It's wonderful.

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  1. I enjoyed reading your post...I love photography and love to hear how a photo makes someone feel...nostalgic, wistful? Fall photos especially make me feel that way! Thanks for including one of mine!