Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Pillow Fight! Lite!

So! I was challenged to find cute throw pillows that were under $15 or $20 which is a great add-on to my first post today. This is what I came up with!

Pink, Green, and Yellow Polka Dot Pillow by:
Price: $9
I like this one, it's cute and the colors are happy. It reminds me of a bedroom I would have desperately wanted when I was 5 or 6. I'm a huge fan of polka dots, in a pattern or random, polka dots of all sizes! This would be a great thing to ass if you have a gender neutral nursery and then you had a girl, or a friend had a girl. Something to put in a rocking chair or somewhere like this. The sunniness of this makes it a really good find and it looks quite comfy. $9? Sounds good

White, Beige, and Brown Floral Pillowslip by:
Price: $10
I find the colors on this pillow very appropriate. For those of you who have a little throw pillow reservation and aren't fully into the spicy, wild, out of the box decorating these pillows are mild and tranquil and a good transition into working new patterns into your room. The colors in the pattern are very current as well which is great because it increases the number of possibilities of places you could use it. I like the flowers too! They look big and poofy. Maybe they are peonies.

Modern Retro Urban Circles by:
Price: $10
Again these are the colors that I like, the blues, browns, and cremes that really help calm me down after a stressful day. What really caught me about this one is that  they are not perfect circles, they are all a little warped, slightly funky and distorted. It gives this pillow a lot of character. It's a 14''x14'' square which is a good size for something like this too. Not too big so the pattern doesn't overwhelm you. If it does start to for any reason though you can just flip it over and its solid on the back. A win win!

Lime And Black Indonesian by:
Price: $10
Next to yellow my favorite color? This chartreuse (yellowy green)! I adore it and the pattern on this pillow is so big and bold, it's wonderful. You've got black and gray and that POP of color that works so perfectly. This is a nice change from the overused red/pink pop with black and white (I'm having a hard time getting away from that myself). But I have a feeling this pillow would compliment any decor and at $10 it is absolutely a STEAL! Get it while it's hot!

Sandalwood in Ivory by:
Price: $13.95
I think what caught my eye about this pillow was the fact that it really brings a very antique pattern into a modern feel with its bold color and fabric placement. Kudos to the seamstress as this placement is not by the maker of the fabric but by her doing. The a-symmetry in this really makes the pillow, had this pattern been centered I might have passed it by. I really love the way the pinks and deep corals work together and although it would only work with limited color schemes I feel like this would be a pillow worth working into your room!

Summertime Blues Duet by:
Price: $13.95
And of course I always love a sale. Originally listed at $24 you can now get both of these pillows, together, already matched up together with their complimentary miss match-y patterns for only $14. Do I need to spell it out for you? S-T-E-A-L. Sure they look a bit more summery but inside its very simple to turn blue and white from summer to winter. This is totally a bargain.

Vintage Birdcage Embroidered Pillow by:
Price: $14
Alright, for those of you with a quirky little playful decorating style, you can't tell me you don't love this pillow. From the colors to the embroidery placement to the pictures style its ADORABLE! I love vintage birdcages and I love this shade of blue... and of course the yellow too. Besides whats better than a constant reminder of me? Get this pillow and throw it on your couch or chair and whenever anyone asks you where you got it? 'A Little Bird Told Me' ;).

More throw pillows under $15 may be added as the day goes on so keep checking back!


  1. Love everything about the lime & black pillows especially the price!

  2. Thanks so much for writing to me at my etsy shop and for listing the embroidered birdcage design. I love that design, and it can go on nearly anything. There is a small and large size. The little one looks adorable on a onesie.

    Please stop by my blog and visit, too, at http://calicodaisy.blogspot.com/.

    -- michele