Thursday, September 30, 2010

A Little More 'Me' Time

So today I've needed some 'me' time. And I've got to tell you, it's been really nice. I realized I had a $25 Discover Gift Card in my wallet so I went shopping. And since gift cards don't count as spending money I only spent $6.16! I got some great stuff shopping at TJ Maxx but it was all kitchen stuff or note cards (I'm sincerely addicted). I'm missing out on the purses and the jewelry. So I'm going to get my Etsy fix!

The Flair Herringbone Tweed Wool Bag by:
Price: $59
What a cute and classy fall bag? I love the vintage shape and materials used on it but the leather and metal work gives it a pop of current. This looks like a bag that would definitely hold up to a rainy or snowy day and give you that extra bit of warm and fuzzy feeling. Get your black boots and your cute tapestry print scarves on ladies and get ready to see everyone whispering in envy and asking you where you got your fabulous bag!

Cosmopolitan Leather Handbag by:
Price: $97.50
Talk about a wow bag. This one has that great splash of color that isn't muted but still works for the fall. I love the crisp green of this. You could really use this one in the fall winter or spring! The detailing on this is beautiful and I love the detachable straps. The visible stitching on this adds a really cute flair and keeps it casual. This would be a perfect every day fall bag especially for work/school!

Navy Blue Lambskin Distressed Leather Satchel by:
Price: $149
I am so a fan of navy blue and silver. This bag just screams classy. It is beautifully made and looks to me like it would hold up really well for a long time! If you're looking to invest in a bag that is not going out of style any time soon my money is on this one. The lining is a stunning mustard yellow (one of my absolute favorite colors!) and again on this bag the long strap is detachable. You can carry this bag in the crook of your arm on the short straps and look quite sophisticated. Adorable!

Genesis Shoulder Bag/Tote by:
Price: $140
This is similar in design to my favorite ever coach bag which was the Gigi Legacy Tote bag. I still want one if anyone ever comes across it let me know! Pretty much any color at this point. I really love this one because again it has the multi strap option (not shown in the above picture but click to view more) and it has the front pockets. I don't know if anyone else is as forgetful as me but I always lose my keys/cell phone in my purse. The front pockets are great places to put them to always find them. On top of it this is one classy, but functional looking bag. Two thumbs up, dear bag!
Hand Knotted Off White Pearls 5.5 mm by:
Price: $24
This whole shop is full of beautiful and affordable jewelry and lets face it, who doesn't need a strand of pearls for $24. They are the perfect dressing up or dressing down and they instantly make any outfit a bit more grown up and sophisticated. Usually I buy my pearls at thrift shops but I usually spend the same price as this shop is asking and the pearls have seen better days and so has their knotting. This is a worth while investment and makes an AWESOME gift!

Tea Time, Steampunk Necklace by:
Price: $28
I love steampunk jewelry because its such an interesting collaboration of mechanical and classic details. I've only known about the movement for a few months but I've collected quite a few pieces of jewelry. They can be both elegant and casual and I've gotten more compliments on my steampunk jewelry than I have my engagement ring! (mind you I wouldn't pick them over my ring because my darling fiance gave me my ring and I absolutely adore it!) But this one has all things I love, birds, gears, and teapots! So cute!

Green Acorn Pearl Necklace by:
Price: $23
I think this is such a cute an happy fall necklace! It isn't the traditional and dated plain seasonally related piece of jewelry. The green pearl with the metalworking adds a very unique twist to it. So it is festive without being FESTIVE. So you're not trying too hard. If you're a fall person or you are as in love with that shade of green as I am this is a great necklace or a great gift!

Sparkley Teardrop Reclaimed Necklace by:
Price: $18.99
I love love love the old Hollywood glam of this piece and that price is unbeatable! Put this on with your v-neck little black dress and you will turn every head no matter where you go! This one is too good to pass up! If I was currently employed it wouldn't have even made this page, I would have bought it by now. So the question is, who will get there first?


Happy shopping! Leave me a comment and let me know what theme you want next!

Do you think I should make a 'How To Shop Etsy' guide? Let me know!


  1. I see this blog once everyday. I am looking for alphabet flash cards as wall art. Could you please find some nice modern ones that are not too expensive?

  2. I added some flash cards a few days ago in the post
    'Bad Little Blogger.... And A Little Something Extra!'
    I hope you find what you're looking for!!