Sunday, September 5, 2010

Couldn't Resist - Purses

Okay okay! I did the room today and I was like, thats going to be it! I swear! I've logged over 2 hours on Etsy today I really need to go pack to move... and then I decided tacos sounded good for lunch... and then I decided I needed to look at purses. How they are connected? I've not a clue but anywho! I stumbled upon some rad bags and I thought I'd share them with you all!

The Chotto Tote/Messenger in Grey by:
Price: $39
This bag screams casual but still cute everyday fall bag! I love the cute little gathering on the front that gives it such a feminine touch. There are the short straps to carry it close to you or the long straps (which are detachable) to carry it further away from you and more like a messenger if you prefer. I adore the detailing on it and it just looks so snuggly fall day relaxed to me. Looks perfect for throwing your books in to go to class (if you're going to college or have a high school kid) or even functional as an everyday just going out bag. Space enough to hold everything without being a suitcase. And there are POCKETS! Lots of them inside. Click the link to go see in full details!

Everyday Gorgeous Chocolate Brown Faux Leather & Tweed by:
Price: $79.95
Talk about GORGEOUS! This is such a classy bag and I LOVE the big button detail. It's no wonder these are currently sold out! Fear not, she is still taking orders for them so you can still get them. But can you imagine this bag in the fall with a pair of chocolate leather high heeled boots? Mmmm eat your heart out! I love the tweed on it too, I'm really into tweed lately, not sure why, it just seems to be an awesome fabric. This is definitely the bag for the day you want to see unassumingly naturally show-stoppingly beautiful.

QT Canvas Tote in Dark Teal by:
Price: $42
I don't know if you noticed yet.... but I love bows! Not all bows, just really well constructed cute ones. Therefore I adore this bag. It comes in an array of colors: dark teal (shown), orange, purple, deep pink, goldenrod, black, dark grey, and dark red. Best feature of this besides the adorable bow, generally awesome shape, cute colors, and awesome pockets? This is big enough to hold up to a 17'' laptop vertically! Hallelujah! The end of the overly masculine dark colored (and unfashionably shaped) faux leather laptop cases! Sure they have cute ones for the itty bitty laptops but I like my BIG laptop thank you very much! But that means I have to use an ugly laptop case (or my usual option, backpack... for travel purposes). Not any more! I'm thinking I'm probably getting myself one of these soon guessed it... YELLOW! (well.. golden rod)

Olive Green Sackcloth Handbag by:
Price: $39
Say it with me? Oh sooo cuuute!!!! Okay this bag is the perfect blend of vintage and modern. I love the top and the shape of it, it reminds me of something my Nana would have carried but the fabric and the little stripe of piping makes it absolutely so current without screaming 'I'm High Fashion!' which is a bit over the top for everyday use. Everytime I look at this bag I think it would be just perfect for Thanksgiving dinner. You know the cute little not to flashy bag that all the women in your family are jealous of? Ya. This is it.
Amber Leather Handbag/Shoulder Bag in Tan by:
Price: $120
Now this is a very beautiful bag to take you through the fall and even parts of the winter. I adore the brass metalwork they used on this and its all cows hide leather described as soft and buttery and thats my favorite kind of leather. It also comes in black, brown, wine, and red (check shop to see more colors). This is definitely a classy bag without being stuffy. It reminds me a lot of some of my favorite Coach bags they no longer make. So far today this is the most expensive bag I've listed BUT the $120 price tag seems reasonable for it!
 Mini Black Lambskin Leather Shoulder/Satchel Bag by:
Price: $129
Alright so right after we hit a new expensive high, but this is a wardrobe staple! Everyone needs a nice black leather bag with pretty metal detailing. I really like the gold on this one and the dual strap option. Honestly I'd probably carry it with the short straps most of the time but the long strap on there hanging adds a nice youthful edge to it, take it off and it becomes a little bit more sophisticated. Kudos to her in displaying it on a mannequin with both straps and the pearls on the mannequin look awesome on the bag. Hmm I think tomorrows feature is going to have to be jewelry!

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