Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Don't NEED it... but I WANT it.

Sorry sorry sorry! I've been a bad bad blogger lately. But it has been for good reason! I just moved in with my darling fiance! It was 850 miles of driving to get here which was a 2 day process but I'm here! I got here Saturday afternoon and I've pretty much slept since. The moving truck got here today to deliver my stuff and I've unpacked half of it and we redecorated/organized the second living room, the guest room, and our bedroom. To say we've been busy is an understatement. Not to mention our little baby pup (1 year old husky named Scarlett) got spayed today so our little drugged up Ladybug needed a little extra love.

We are now a 2 pup household and it has not been easy. The pups are not getting along just yet (the making friends has been put on hold until Scarlett heals from her surgery) but the only injury so far has been my finger so it could be worse!

I am now sitting in my new office/the second living room and I'm happy as a clam because for tonight things are quiet and mostly peaceful in the house (knock on wood!) so I thought I'd toss you all a little post of things you don't need but you probably will really want!

Also it has been suggested to post some deals outside of Etsy. What does everyone think? Comment and let me know! I might pop a poll up later too (to make it easier to let me know)!

Tiny Scallop Clock by:
Price: $30
I'm hoping I'm not the only one who thinks this but this little clock reminds me of Alice in Wonderland and Tea Parties. Yes I really really like this. The hands on the clock are so perfect, the shapes and the colors are ADORABLE. I have no place for it right now but I would make a place and I would hang it up and my fiance would be grumpy because I put another hole in the wall but I wouldn't care. It's so cute I want to hug it!

Antique Bronze Anchor Necklace by:
Price: $4.99
I'm a Cape Cod girl, born and raised there, and now I'm in inland NC. I miss the ocean and therefore anything nautical is near and dear to my heart. Recently I've found a fondness for compasses and anchors, especially in jewelry so I really like this. Not to mention $4.99 is an amazing price for any necklace!!

4 Pocket Card Wallet by:
Price: $23.95
Perfect for those quick errands this is a 4 pocket card wallet that will hold your license, your atm card, a credit card, and a little bit of cash! Awesome if you don't want to carry a big bulky purse or you live in an area with a high mugging rate (this is directed at my sister). Not to mention its got that cute little bird on the branch on it and the stitching makes it adorable! I want it!

Caliente Button Magnets by:
Price: $7.50
I hate the way that a refrigerator looks when the front of it is covered by magnets that companies give you for free as advertisement!! A refrigerator is not a city bus stop bench! I want my magnets to match my decor in the kitchen or at least be impossibly cute! My kitchen is off white and gray with green accents (rental house... we aren't allowed to paint so I threw in some green for color!) but I would still use these in there because they are so darn cute. They will make your fridge look all happy!

Chocolate Mint Cake Truffles by:
Price: $13.50
First off, HA! Betcha didn't know yo could buy delicious things like this on Etsy now did you? Yes Etsy does have a food section and these wonderful confectioners will actually custom make your orders and ship them to you quickly and these little guys made my mouth water. Chocolate cake with mint chocolate coating? It's like everything I long for every day! Bonus? My fiance hates mint and chocolate mixed together unless it is ice cream. I would love some of these to hide in the freezer to have one on a bad day or a day that I just need a little pick me up. Yummm! They look so good!
More to come! Keep checking back!

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