Thursday, September 30, 2010

It's a ME kind of day!

Good morning all you blog readers! Whats the weather like there? Well here it is rainy, and more rainy, and a little bit hurricaney. The perfect kind of day to stay in and focus on yourself. So today I will be exercising, etsy shopping, and maybe doing a little bit of baking. Of course I have to go out to get more stuff I need for baking but I can brave the storm for a few minutes.

On that note, does anyone have a suggestion of where to find All Spice?

Anywho. Today is ME day. So I decided to do a monogrammed theme for all my cool stuff today on Etsy! Sound good? Well if you don't like it I'm sure I'll post more again later this afternoon!

Traditional Wood Handle Custom Address Stamp by:
Price: $19.95
This is one of the COOLEST things I've found in a very long time and I think I will be buying one of these to address the back of my wedding invitations. For $19.95 you get a stamp that is so classic looking and useful, plus it will last forever if you take good care of it! Get any color ink you want, so you can even turn this traditional style into something very contemporary! I'm sure you'll get great use out of it and the price is great! Maybe with this you'll be more likely to write thank you notes or just because notes!

Swirly Monogram Mailbox Decal by:
Price: $15
I am striking Etsy gold today folks! If I had a mailbox that wasn't beaten up and I wasn't in a rental house I would totally invest the $15 to get this! This just makes your mailbox look so much nicer. Just imagine that mailbox without the monogram, it looks very harsh against a yard and not at all elegant but you put the monogram on it and BAM! I love this. And it comes in different colors! Whatever you want!

Hand Stamped Jewelery by:
Price: $44
I had the request a few weeks ago for a few ideas for a gift for the mom who has everything. I'd wish I'd found this then. This necklace is a very cool modern version of a mother's ring. If any of you don't know what a mothers ring is, it's a ring with the birthstone's of all of her children in it. A cute idea, but personally I never think it looks that good because the stones usually don't look good together or you have a bad number of stones on the ring. I know that's not the point, but still. I think this is a very cute alternative!

Personalized Folded Note Cards by:
Price: $25
This listing is for 16 cards but you can increase the quantity of cards in your order which lowers the price per card. These are quite lovely though, elegant and contemporary. Strange as it sounds I collect note cards. Every time I see one I like I buy it because there is always an occasion where, whether you do or not,  you should be sending a note. A hand written note holds a lot more power than we give it credit for, and having nice stationary like this around will encourage people to write them more often!

Price: $11.99
These bags are great for anything! Great bridesmaids gifts, great shopping bags, great for knitting or crocheting supplies, great to keep as a snack bag in the car so things are organized. They are so useful and they are adorable with the embroidery customization. I'm a big fan of the green movement to stop using plastic and paper shopping bags so I have tons of tote bags... but there are never enough so I always support getting another cute one! If I was having more than one bridesmaid I would totally buy these as bridesmaids gifts!
To buy you can use her main store!

Check back later today for even more fun stuff from Etsy!

Comment and let me know what your favorite item I've found so far is! Or what is your favorite item you've bought on Etsy? What theme would you like to see next?

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