Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Throw Pillow Therapy

I'm having a rough day today. A tough time with the pups yet again and I need a little throw pillow therapy. Shopping for them puts me at ease. So here are some of my favorites that I came up with today!

Bird on Black by:
Price: $12.50
It's no secret, I like birds. The silhouette on this is something you don't see all too often on a throw pillow though. I really like the placement of it. The asymmetry gives something to the pillow as a whole and makes it more art than it is just taking up space or something to lean on. This is great pillow to use to impress. It would really add something to staging and the simplicity of the design on it lends itself to be paired just swimmingly with a pattern! I would vote polka dots on another pillow to go with it, but that's just me.

Button Monogrammed Pillow by:
Price: $60
This is by far the most expensive throw pillow I've ever listed on here, but I've done it with much thought. Usually I don't recommend splurging so much on something like this but the craftsmanship is absolutely stunning. It has the right combination of preppy monogram cute and bohemian chic about it. I love the buttons and the colors on this are perfect. This designer does accept custom requests so you could get any letter you want. Be sure to check out the whole shop. This pillow would look great on a chair, couch, bed, or guest bed. For me? I think I'll get one to put on a shelf some day when I have a baby. It's the perfect cute soft accent to any room!

Water Lily Embroidery Pillow by:
Price: $22
Navy blue and white is a perfect color combination because it goes with almost anything. Every once in a while I like lineart pillows that make a real statement. I can picture this one on a very cool light yellow armchair in the corner of a room, you know that chair that calls out to you saying come sit down and read a good book and sip some tea? Or perhaps on a white leather couch? It has a very cool modern feeling to it. I approve!

Blue Zoo Pillow by:
Price: $12.95
How cute is this? It would be perfect in a little boy's nursery or in a playroom on the couch! I can see this pillow sitting on a soft glider in a nursery as that pillow to support your back after a long day when you're sitting, and that extra little pop of happy when you're not. With kids around you can never have too many pillows either! I want to make my entire house bump proof every time anyone even thinks about bringing a kid over!

Whale Pillow by:
Price: $22
Oh my goodness it's so cute! I love this little whale silhouette and I especially love that the artist really did this in reverse, highlighting the silhouette with a patterned fabric and putting it on a solid backdrop. What a genius idea! This is one of those adorable things that I would decorate a room around. It's got just enough whimsy to it, and as I've said before and I'll say again. I'm a Cape Cod girl. Nautical steals my heart!
I'll add more pillows throughout the day! Keep checking back!

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