Thursday, October 14, 2010

Bad Little Blogger.... And A Little Something Extra!

Sorry I've been even worse lately about posting. My decision making process on 'good timing' isn't really spot on right now. I'm still unpacking (just clothes... I really hate unpacking clothes) and trying to clean/organize the house and go out and buy things we need. I know boys don't see the necessity of muffin tins but I DO!

On top of that I'm trying to get a job just to have a little extra income for groceries and decorating... and then we got a puppy!

Meet Atlas! I'll post more pictures on my dog's page! But this little bundle has been keeping me more than busy. I can tell you I am NOT ready for kids right now because at the end of the day this little goober has me exhausted.

If you were wondering he is 11 weeks old as of tuesday October 12th and he is a pure bred Golden Retriever. We had to give away our Husky but she has a great new home with friends of ours where she is the center of attention and loving it. (We got Atlas after we found her a new home.)

Now back to the Etsy stuff!!!

I had a request for Flash Cards! Alphabet ones for a nursery so here is what I found!

1959 Vintage Alphabet Flash Cards (set of 26) by:
Price: $19.99
These are a full set of vintage 5''x7'' flash cards that you could hang or frame in a nursery and they would look adorable. If vintage is something you're into this is an adorable addition. You could also mix it with something more modern for a more modern romantic feel. This over a shabby-chic white dresser/changing table or a modern crisp black one would be awesome. Be creative, either way these will make a stunning focal point on the wall.

Printable Flash Cards by:
Price: $5.50
These cute bright flash cards come in a PDF file to your computer so you can print them yourself. Save money on shipping! Also if one happens to get destroyed you can print another, and you can pick the quality of paper you use. These are available in English and Spanish so if you get both you can encourage your child to learn multiple languages from an early age. That never hurts! Plus these are bold and bright, great for little children's eyes.

Small Alphabet Flash Cards by:
Price: $8
Again these flash cards are a PDF so you get the file and print it yourself. These have a bit of a softer feel to them, the colors aren't so bright and rather than printing one on a letter sized paper you print 4 per page of these. The colors are green, blue, purple, and orange. All writing is in charcoal gray. And the picture is a great example of what they would look like matted in a frame (which is super cute) and matting is easy to do! I will be posting a DIY matting post soon so stay tuned!!

11x14 Woodland Forest Friends by:
Price: $18
Sometimes it is easier to have a poster rather than hanging all those flash cards and I thought this one was particularly cute. It reminds me of the one that hung in my nursery when I was a baby. This comes customizable color wise to match your nursery and those little animals are so darn cute. Not to mention it will help your little one learn what letter they start with. I think I may buy this in the very distant future when I have a little one... or as a gift because I always know someone who is having a baby.

Personalized Alphabet Dot Poster by:
Price: $28
If you're looking for something cute and customized for a nursery which isn't quite pastel this is a great pick! The modern look of the dots is really adorable and the serifed font makes it easy to read. This would look cute with a white frame or a bold colored frame. Love it!!

hope you enjoy!

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