Monday, October 18, 2010

Frame It!

So I'm continuing on with my love of frames today with this post. Frames are so multi functional. Stand alone, chalk boards, as frames, mirrors, centerpieces, borders. You can use them for a plethora of different projects so they are one of the best things to have laying around for when you get that itch to redecorate. Here are some of my favorites I've found recently!

Shabby Chic French Country Frame by:
Price: $14.95
I'm not sure why but I'm picturing this frame hanging alone on a turquoise wall. Probably because I had been planning on painting my room turquoise for years before I moved in with my fiance. This frame has such beautiful detailing in it though, it's one of those things that can really make your 'white' the accent color. The pop of this romantic detailing against a modern color really sums up my favorite style. This is a frame that would cost you $25-40 anywhere else too!!

Pink and Distressed Vintage Picture Frame by:
Price: $9
The perfect frame for a modern romantic little girl's nursery. Can't you just see your first family photo just moments after your little darling is born in this? Or perhaps an alphabet flash card with the first letter of their name in it, or a prayer or blessing written out nicely. I love this frame and its distressing. It keeps it from being stuffy and makes it very relaxing and inviting in the style. Adorable!!

Vintage Old Wooden Frames by:
Price: $23
For those of you who like do DIY and want to paint some frames or just like a mis match of things this is a great listing. It is for FIFTEEN FRAMES! (three not pictured). Some of them need a little TLC, hooks and wires, but this price for this many frames is absolutely exceptional! I can't imagine finding a better deal. This may very well be my tope score of the day!!

Vintage Metal Art Picture Frame by:
Price: $5
Love this and love the price! This is something that I in my odd sense of humor would LOVE to take and put a giant silhouette of something like a squirrel in. Mimicking the old style of being fancy and adding my own obnoxious and childish twist on. I have a strange sense of humor, I am aware... but I enjoy it and I think it adds a little bit of intrigue to things that I do. I like me the way I am and I'm not going to change. That being said I like this frame the way it is and I wouldn't change it either!

1964 Syroco Fleur de Lis Frame by:
Price: $16.95
This little beauty caught my attention because it's extraordinarily unique shape. I love the look of it. This would be perfect next to a door in an enterance hall or sideways above a fireplace or almost anywhere. The frame itself is enough art that it needs nothing else. The price on it for the style and the design is wonderful. Such a great deal!!!

Keep checking back for more of my fun finds!!

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