Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Today I Am Everything! Part 2

Here are a few more things I've decided to add this afternoon!!

Bird Ceramic Vase by:
I have been in love with her stuff for a few months now and I've actually added one of these vases and one of her serving plates with the bird on it into my wedding registry because I think they are so cute and sweet. It's interesting pieces like this that really set people apart. All of her work looks so beautifully well crafted and adorable. I can't wait until I get my own piece because you can be sure it will be well displayed at all times!!

Dark Blue and White Victorian Print Coasters by:
Price: $15
Coasters that are art, are way better than coasters that are not art. That being said I LOVE these. They would look good on virtually any color coffee or end table and they are real solid coasters that will last you. Not only that but as opposed to fabric coasters these are super simple to clean because you can just wipe them off with a paper towel. If you don't have coasters, or you want new ones... buy these. Or check out that whole shop for other awesome designs!!!

Love Story (8x10 Print) by:
Price: $32
I should let you know to start that shes offering a BOGO right now (buy one get one free it looks like!). I love the filter used on this photograph. The romantic etheral fairy tale feel of the muted colors and soft purples is just so soothing. To be honest I'm considering buying some of these myself even though I can't afford really much right now. It seems worth it. I would really love some pretty artwork to hang up in my room and in my living rom and I'm a huge fan of photography. This picture is adorable too!!

Hand Crafted Apron with Tie Back by:
Price: $45
I love this apron because when I look at this I think Cinderella. Not Cinderella like I'm forced to do lots of housework and I'm a prisoner in my own home but Cinderella like 'clearly if I put this on I will suddenly become a Disney princess and little birds will fly in the window and help me clean and sing with me'. So I want it. The back has a very cute corsett lace up. Please check it out to see the pictures!!

Chotto Tote/Messenger by:
Price: $59 (was $98)
This is my favorite shape bag and this is an incredible deal. Really you should not pass this up. This is a beautifully crafted bag with optional length straps and did you see that price! Amazing amazing amazing. This bag will take you through the fall, the winter, and even through the beginning of spring! You really can't beat a deal like this. I love Etsy.

Vintage White Mirror by:
Price: $35
Love love love love love and if I had $35 to spare I would be buying this instead of listing it on here!! I love this, I would probably spraypaint the frame some other ridiculous color because my house is all beige (rental so we can't change it) but I think its simply lovely! And it saves me the money of buying a mirror to put in a frame I find that I like so it's totally a bargain. This would look awesome in my living room....

Keep checking back! Leave me a comment and let me know what you liked!


  1. Love the blue vase with the little bird sitting on top! Precious!

  2. I thought it was adorable! For a while I was planning my wedding around that vase! I was going to use them for centerpieces at the reception... but then the whole wedding changed and we're not having a reception so I just want one for myself!