Saturday, October 16, 2010

Something For You!

I've been focusing on spoiling your home for a few days so how about a few things for you. I got a few beautiful necklaces in the mail yesterday and it made me want to go out and find some beautiful one for you ladies. Now the important thing to remember in jewelry is that even costume jewelry can look real and sophisticated if you wear it correctly. It depends on everything that you're wearing. That being said lets see what I can find

Tea Kettle Necklace by:
Price: $12
I love teapots! I think everything about them and tea parties are absolutely adorable. That is why for my 18th birthday my mom got me these absolutely adorable tea party cake Betsey Johnson earrings that I simply adore. But this necklace is just so cute and would look so cute with a t-shirt and jeans and boots in the fall. Its got a bit of simple elegance because of the bead and a bit of whimsy because of the tea kettle style. Love it!

Pearl Ribbon Necklace by:
Price: $12
I love these necklaces because the ribbon keeps it from feeling too stuffy and its still elegant! Great to go with a little black dress or a an everyday outfit. This designer lets you customize everything from the ribbon color its tied with to the crystals in between the pearls and the rings that its attached to the ribbon with. For this price that is an incredible deal! Absolutely stunning.

Alice's Garden by:
Price: $26
What I love about this? Asymmetry. I love asymmetry in jewelry. This necklace again has that little touch of whimsy and of course little birds! Again this is a dress up dress down necklace. I really like the way this one hangs too and It looks really really nice for the price. This is the necklace that I would compliment a stranger on. And we all know we like getting compliments!
Argentina Rhodochrosite Necklace by:
Price: $35
The stone drew me into this one. I love adding a pop of color to an outfit through something like this. The chain on this would lend it to be less of a dress up necklace but it can easily be worn with a casual dress or an everyday outfit. Again its got the little birds that I love and the cameo setting the stone is on. This is a very interesting and unique necklace. A great addition to a collection.
Illusions Perdues Cameo Necklace by:
Price: $27
I think everyone should own at least one Cameo necklace. They are beautiful and timeless. Definitely something you can hand down. I don't necessarily think that you should pay a few hundred dollars for a real one or two though because I have a bad habit of losing/breaking jewelry. I love love love the robins egg blue color on the background of this one though. I give this two thumbs up and I kinda want it myself. Perhaps I need to start hinting to my fiance. Just kidding. He's spoiled me too much already.
Hope you like these! Check back later today for more great Etsy finds!

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