Thursday, October 21, 2010

Good Morning Good Day!

Hello all and I hope you're all having a lovely morning. I'm sitting down with some pumpkin bread and yogurt (seperately of course) to bring you some more fabulous finds on Etsy! Then I will be scurrying off to scrub my house head to toe because my soon to be mother-in-law and father-in-law will be here on Saturday! I'm very excited because I've never met them, only spoken with them on the phone. I really hope they like me.

That being said I've been freaking out about some of our favorite things on here. Tablecloths, table runners, and throw pillows! So today I will represent them all! This will probably be a continuation post throughout the day because I'm a bit nervous to sit still too long without cleaning something, so keep checking back!

Table Runner in Sweet Jasmine by:
Price: $24
This is the third day in a row I've stumbled upon this runner and I think it's stalking me because it really really wants to be on this blog. That being said it DESERVES to be on this blog because it is simply lovely. If I could get it to me in time for Saturday AM and hadn't already purchased another table runner I would get this one. As much as it is light and springy it could definitely be dressed up for fall and it looks simply lovely. Table runners are something I think you should have multiple cute ones for every season. Bowl of lemons not included.

Pair of Drapery Pannels by:
Price: $200
Fair enough enough drapes to cover one window for $200 is out of our price range for most of us but maybe if you only have one window in a room or perhaps and 'accent' window then you could swing these? Or save up for a while! The reason I'm listing them is because I love them SO much. The pattern on these is just the right amount without being too much. It's simple, the colors are great, and oh goodness I wish I could afford these. And really, these are more like a 'custom pair of drapery pannels' considering they aren't mass produced so $200 really is a good price.

Autumn Red Big Bow Pillow by:
Price: $24
I've featured this pillow before but I'm featuring it again because I realy want one. I think this pillow is just so darn adorable and I really want one in a dusty pink to go in the center of my couch but I can't afford to even think about asking for a custom pillow right now because I literally don't have enough money to put gas in my car. That being said, I still think this is a more than reasonable price for this pillow, it is a great fall color, and I love it!

Little Blue Flower Coasters by:
Price: $15
These are, again, my favorite kind of coasters because they are on the tiles so to clean them you just wipe them off and there is no worry about heat transfer because you're not going to have something that hot that it will reach all the way through this. They are pretty solid. Be sure to check out this entire shop if you're in the market for coasters. Shes got tons of different patterns all of which are absolutely beautiful! These make great gifts too!

Set of 4 Laboratory Bottles by:
Price: $32
Never underestimate the visual effect of bottles or vases. They look beautiful in a window or on a table, or shelf. Just make sure they are the right kind. When I moved in with my fiance and his roommate their decorative bottles were Jack Daniels and Captain Morgan... now I am in the process of slowly moving those out without them seeing and replacing them with something prettier like these. I really love these. I think they are gorgeous because they are unassumingly beautiful.


Brand new today! I decided to do a featured shop of the day!! So today's featured shop and our first featured shop of the day is...
This shop is having a super sale today! Sporting lots of table runners for only $10 and table squares for only $7 it's a steal and totally worth checking out. There are different patterns colors and styles all throughout the store. Especially if you like damask it is a great place to look. Have enough table runners? At this price you don't! Go get more!!!


Hope you enjoyed! Check back later for more!


  1. Isn't it just the cutest thing you've ever seen? I love it!

  2. What a good idea you had. I'm looking forward to many more visits. Please stop by my blog for a visit and perhaps follow if you would like. P.S. love the pillows!!

  3. Dear Molly!
    Love what you wrote about our bracelet!
    Good luck with your wedding!!