Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Best Thing About Fall Is Fashion!!!

Okay I felt like purse shopping a bit after dinner so here are a few lovely ones that I found! I hope you enjoy them!

Winter Collection Handmade Leather Tote by:
Price: $120
I love this bag. The stitching and the metal work on it are just lovely. The rich brown color is perfect for fall and this is a bag capable of holding everything you could need. I'm not sure what it is about the purse but it's that bag that makes me want to carry it everywhere and keep it organized inside. I feel like carrying this would make me walk with better posture. It is simply beautiful in the detailing. A great purse and worth the price!!

Tweed Wool Flower Boston Bag by:
Price: $89.90
What a cute lady-like bag!!! The corsage is removable and I think this bag would be cute with or without this. I can see this with a pea-coat in the winter with a fluffy cable knit scarf. This looks so snuggly and nice. I like how there is that very fresh and young feel to this but still the air of maturity. This would also make a really great gift for someone this Christmas! A hint to my fiance if he happens to read this....

Cherry Red Wall Flower by:
Price: $8
This is less fall than other things... and really more spring but it could work for early fall too and the summer... but for the price, I could not pass up posting it on here. This is absolutely adorable. I've actually seen throw pillows in this fabric and considered buying them. I love clutches because they can be wallets too. This one is worth a look because the inside fabric is cute too and it would make a great holiday gift!!

Mini Carpet Bag in Teal by:
Price: $35
I've featured this bag before in another color but I'm bringing it back because I love it that much. The design on this is so adorable and the tweed fabric is heavy enough to be a fall/winter bag. It has heavy warm fabric and it looks to me like even in rain or snow it would happily protect all of its contents and keep them nice and dry. I still really want one of these bags and come the Christmas season I will be giving blunt hints to my fiance to buy this for me.

Blue Frilly Leather Shoulder Clutch by:
Price: $60
This bag is one of the cutest and most feminine leather bags I've ever seen. I'm not a huge fan of frills on bags but on this one it works, and I'm quite partial to this color. This can be used as a clutch (which is what I would do) or as a shoulder bag, cross chest or not. The price on this is excellent and I really like the detailing and craftsmanship on this. You can (it appears) detach straps on this and I feel like you could really use this fall, winter, and spring. Just lovely!
Leave me comments! What would you like to see tomorrow?


  1. Hi, Molly
    Thank you for featuring my boston bag !
    This blog is beautiful !!
    Please keep collecting and showing beautiful items to readers.
    Thanks !

    Naomi_ tagodesign

  2. You're welcome! That bag is simply stunning! Believe me I will be checking back into your shop frequently! Please keep designing those beautiful items!