Thursday, October 14, 2010

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things

Alright so my future in-laws are coming to visit soon and I'm trying to transform my house to look like a home. Right now we just have a terrible clash of his stuff and my stuff and a rental house that desperately needs its walls repainted but the landlord said no (booo landlord!). But even so I have to do something to make it look nice. So with a magic eraser to the wall and a budget of about $100 I'm going to transform my bedroom (and of course some organizing). There will be before and after pics posted later.

I'm starting today off with throw pillows!! I already have 2 NancyK 14'' throw pillow fillers. I may get a 12'' or a 16'' to add to it but we're starting here. Thank you most of the designers are willing to make their throw pillows in any size you want. Wish me luck!

Right now we have a black white and gray floral quilt that I plan to flip over because its solid gray on the other side. We have steel blue sheets and black curtains. I'm looking to bring a bit more color into the room and perhaps find a nice way to introduce some brown.

French Wallpaper Fabric Pillow by:
Price: $11
This is an 16x16 pillow and I haven't contacted the designer to find out if it was able to be made in a 14x14 yet but I'm listing it here as a consideration. There is some dark detailing in this that I can't see so well but it looks dark olive/brown but I could probably get away with the black curtains with it and the gray quilt. The turquoise would blend well with the steel blue and I already have a gold blanket I could lay at the bottom of the bed to add some color to tie the yellow in. I like the bright coral in this too. So I'll keep this as a possibility!

Big Congrats to HomeGrownPillows! The last pillow of hers we featured on this blog was purchased to be in a Jim Carrey movie! Congratulations!!!!

Kiwi Spots Throw Pillow Covers by:
Price: $20
Originally we were going to paint our room a lovely shade of green but the landlord said now, so I could bring the green in with these guys! The grays will blend fine due to the gray undertone of the blue sheets and the blue quilt and the pillow has just enough yellow to make the gold throw blanket go. I'm not sure if it's enough color for me. I like a WOW factor in color but these pillows are so cute and a great price so it is a definite possibility. This listing is for 16'' pillows so again I would have to contact the designer to see if 14'' ones could be made.

Damask Beauty Throw Pillow by:
Price: $17.75
This pillow has it all. It's classy, classic, yet modern, and still bold. It's black and white but it gives the feeling of color and I think it would be stunning on any bed/couch/shelf. Anything. I could work with this, easily pull in more blues or whatever color I want. This designer does add that you can request it be made in another size too. This one stays on the list!
Paddock Shawl by:
Price: $13.95
I know I said I wanted to add more color to my room and this would be keeping it much in the same palate but it also opens up the option for me to add a pop of color somewhere else. I really love the blues and grays in this and it would blend perfectly with a gray quilt. I could pick any shade of anything I wanted for a throw blanket (a cream one would be nice for the winter...) and this would really help create a tranquil feel in my room. Hmmm this is getting hard.

I will be adding more but let me know which you think would be best!

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