Friday, October 15, 2010

Turn This House Into A Home

One thing I've noticed that is lacking at my current place of residence is that feeling of 'home'. As silly as it seems I find home to be a warmth that can really be brought in by material things. I'm very happy living with my fiance and my dogs but when I think of the feeling I got when I walked into the house I grew up in and where I am now, it's different. And I felt more comfortable there. Sure it can be acquired by time, but it can also be acquired by little touches. Things that make it look and feel more like a home. I'm not talking CLUTTER... cause that bugs me to high heaven. Just a few decorative things. Heres what I found today.

Glass Flower Vases by:
Price: $12
These vintage glass vases are beautiful. They remind me of the ones my mom used to put our flowers that our dad would give my sister and I after our ballet recitals in. They were my great grandmothers vases and therefore I love the look of vintage vases. These are great for if you get a few flowers, or just to display. Place them on a shelf, on a mantle, or in a kitchen window that catches the morning light just right. Something to make things look cheery and happy. That warm bright and snuggly feeling of home.

Vintage Apothecary Jars (set of 6) by:
Price: $35
My entire childhood whenever I went over to my grandparent's house (may they rest in peace) they always had an oldfashioned buffet set up with vintage apothecary jars filled with candy. It was like walking into the worlds greatest free candy store! After they passed away the candy jars were emptied and dispursed between the family, but my mom made sure to always have at least one full of candy at my house. My friends thought it was magical, and I thought it just looked so welcoming. The offering of candy to anyone who comes into your house just seems to be such a lovely gesture to me and to put it in one of these lovely jars would make it that much more inviting. (Or if you're like me... buy a table or make some room somewhere, fill all six and spread them out throughout the house!)

Shabby Chic Upcycled Frames by:
Price: $57
10 vintage frames for $57 is a steal and a half, not to mention the shabby chic look of these are just adorable and upcycling is good for the environment. The wonderful thing about these is there are so many uses for them. Hang them in front of windows for decorative accents. Lean them on shelves (my favorite is to lean them on a shelf with a cute pair of pumps in front!), hang the frames by themselves on a wall, or in groupings, get a mirror cut for them, get a chalkboard cut for them. There are so many possibilities and these are GORGEOUS. (If you're wondering it works out to $5.70 per frame)

Shades of Love (original acryllic painting on 24''x36'' canvas) by:
Price: $225
I don't usually list something this expensive on my blog because those of us who shop on Etsy are usually looking to save a lot of money and the economy is bad right now, but this I cannot resist. Not only does the picture suggest a very loving happy atmosphere (like the one I'm looking to create) but it also has a very warm glow about it. The softness of the lines and the warm fall tones make me feel like throwing on a sweater and grabbing some cocoa and slippers and snuggling up with my man. Now I hate making big purchases (and so does he) but in this case, if I had the money I would buy this. Art is an investment in talent, beauty, and happiness.

Mums Flower Embroidery Placemat (set of 4) by:
Price: $28
Be sure to check out this shop for a lot more placemats and matching runners. I feel that placemats are a lost art though. People will sit down at the table and just put their plates down because they know the plate alone won't leave a ring but placemats really step up the class of your table. It looks warm and inviting, and nice even when you're not sitting there eating. I ALWAYS have placemats on my table (...even if they are sometimes hidden by the piles of clean laundry I'm sorting...) because it does make my house feel more like a home.
What 'things' make your house feel like a home? Let me know!

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