Thursday, October 21, 2010

Good Morning Good Day!

Hello all and I hope you're all having a lovely morning. I'm sitting down with some pumpkin bread and yogurt (seperately of course) to bring you some more fabulous finds on Etsy! Then I will be scurrying off to scrub my house head to toe because my soon to be mother-in-law and father-in-law will be here on Saturday! I'm very excited because I've never met them, only spoken with them on the phone. I really hope they like me.

That being said I've been freaking out about some of our favorite things on here. Tablecloths, table runners, and throw pillows! So today I will represent them all! This will probably be a continuation post throughout the day because I'm a bit nervous to sit still too long without cleaning something, so keep checking back!

Table Runner in Sweet Jasmine by:
Price: $24
This is the third day in a row I've stumbled upon this runner and I think it's stalking me because it really really wants to be on this blog. That being said it DESERVES to be on this blog because it is simply lovely. If I could get it to me in time for Saturday AM and hadn't already purchased another table runner I would get this one. As much as it is light and springy it could definitely be dressed up for fall and it looks simply lovely. Table runners are something I think you should have multiple cute ones for every season. Bowl of lemons not included.

Pair of Drapery Pannels by:
Price: $200
Fair enough enough drapes to cover one window for $200 is out of our price range for most of us but maybe if you only have one window in a room or perhaps and 'accent' window then you could swing these? Or save up for a while! The reason I'm listing them is because I love them SO much. The pattern on these is just the right amount without being too much. It's simple, the colors are great, and oh goodness I wish I could afford these. And really, these are more like a 'custom pair of drapery pannels' considering they aren't mass produced so $200 really is a good price.

Autumn Red Big Bow Pillow by:
Price: $24
I've featured this pillow before but I'm featuring it again because I realy want one. I think this pillow is just so darn adorable and I really want one in a dusty pink to go in the center of my couch but I can't afford to even think about asking for a custom pillow right now because I literally don't have enough money to put gas in my car. That being said, I still think this is a more than reasonable price for this pillow, it is a great fall color, and I love it!

Little Blue Flower Coasters by:
Price: $15
These are, again, my favorite kind of coasters because they are on the tiles so to clean them you just wipe them off and there is no worry about heat transfer because you're not going to have something that hot that it will reach all the way through this. They are pretty solid. Be sure to check out this entire shop if you're in the market for coasters. Shes got tons of different patterns all of which are absolutely beautiful! These make great gifts too!

Set of 4 Laboratory Bottles by:
Price: $32
Never underestimate the visual effect of bottles or vases. They look beautiful in a window or on a table, or shelf. Just make sure they are the right kind. When I moved in with my fiance and his roommate their decorative bottles were Jack Daniels and Captain Morgan... now I am in the process of slowly moving those out without them seeing and replacing them with something prettier like these. I really love these. I think they are gorgeous because they are unassumingly beautiful.


Brand new today! I decided to do a featured shop of the day!! So today's featured shop and our first featured shop of the day is...
This shop is having a super sale today! Sporting lots of table runners for only $10 and table squares for only $7 it's a steal and totally worth checking out. There are different patterns colors and styles all throughout the store. Especially if you like damask it is a great place to look. Have enough table runners? At this price you don't! Go get more!!!


Hope you enjoyed! Check back later for more!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Functional Art!

Good morning all! How many of you were woken up by a puppy today like me? Well I hope you weren't.

I decided to make a post today on functional art. I wanted to show you guys things in your homes that don't have to just be 'things' I'm going to look for extra pretty versions of coat racks, lamps, shelves, serving dishes, you name it! I hope you like what I find! Enjoy!

Round Striped Butt Hook by:
Price: $12
Teeeheee. Okay this is really cute. Not my usual style but hear me out. Currently my fiance and I have one of those plain white sticky hooks on the side of our kitchen cabinet near the front door to hold the dogs leashes. With a dog and a puppy you end up with a lot. We have 2 regular chains, 1 harness, 1 collar, and 2 extendable leashes. As you can imagine they don't all fit on that one hook, so naturally, much to my dismay, they usually end up leaning on the counter (ugh!) but this hook actually looks decent size. I'm sure it wouldn't hold all of that because lets face it... I have a ridiculous amount of stuff... but this would hold a lot and if I got two they would look super cute!! And it's only $12. I see things like this go for $25-30 all the time!!

Robins Egg Country Shelf by:
Price: $35
Note: This does not come with the flower or vase/teakettle but it does come with the mason jar! This is such a cute little shelf and the shabby chic cottage/beach look has been very popular lately and this would be the perfect accent for any room you want to do that in. Adorable in a bathroom or a front hall this piece is more than just function, it's art! I love the beautiful shade of blue it is and the way the hooks go with it. That mason jar is just the perfect finishing touch. Wonderful!!

Three Modern Contemporary Pendant Lamps by:
Price: $132
I'm encouraging you all to go click on the link to that listing and look at the other pictures posted to see how truly stunning these light fixtures looks. I usually don't like to post things over $90 on my blog because I understand people don't have a lot of money to spare now a days but these really caught my eye and I couldn't not put them on here. They are simply stunning and very unique. I like them because they look warm and happy and when you see them lit up in that third picture in the listing... well I could just stare at them all night. They are stunning. (And they would make great wedding/wedding reception lighting!!!)

ChromePlated Apron by:
Price: $75
A little more on the expensive end of aprons, but one you will have absolutely no reservations about wearing in front of your guests. It's cute and fashionable, the best little party hostess apron I've seen. Who cares if you're in and out of the kitchen all night cooking and baking up a storm, you won't think twice about strutting this one in front of your guests. And it being so cute and wearable you don't need to worry about messing up your hair taking it off. Heck, you don't even have to worry about what you're wearing behind it being cute. This is cute enough!!

Cupcake Stand/Dessert Pedestal in Modern Chic by:
Price: $26
I had a hard time picking which one I wanted to feature on here because this shop is just filled with these adorable stands. They range in price from $15 to $26 and have all sorts of cute plate/stand combos. These are really worth checking out. I love them too because they are all different heights which makes setting them up on a table much easier. You actually get more space and it makes it easier for guests to get at what they want. The holiday entertaining season is coming up! Don't miss out on getting these before they are gone!
Goldenrod Flora and Fowl Plate Clock by:
Price: $32
I think plate clocks are adorable because they add SO much interest to a wall. Its two in one benefits, art and functionality. When you look at these you really don't see a clock unless you are expressly checking for the time. This gold is such a happy cheery color and contrasting with the black arms it looks just lovely!!
Everyday Cloth Napkins in Blue and Green Geometric (set of 6) by:
Price: $20
Cloth napkins are essential. They create a higher level of class when having guests, they promote saving the environment by not wasting napkins/paper towels, and they can help dress up your dinner table. This set is adorable, I really liked the green in it, but be sure to check out the entire shop as it is simply adorable and worth it. There are lots of other designs, something for everyone!!

Hope you liked these! Check back later today for some more fun finds!!'

Let me know what you're looking for and I'll help you out! Just drop me a comment!!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Today I Am Everything! Part 2

Here are a few more things I've decided to add this afternoon!!

Bird Ceramic Vase by:
I have been in love with her stuff for a few months now and I've actually added one of these vases and one of her serving plates with the bird on it into my wedding registry because I think they are so cute and sweet. It's interesting pieces like this that really set people apart. All of her work looks so beautifully well crafted and adorable. I can't wait until I get my own piece because you can be sure it will be well displayed at all times!!

Dark Blue and White Victorian Print Coasters by:
Price: $15
Coasters that are art, are way better than coasters that are not art. That being said I LOVE these. They would look good on virtually any color coffee or end table and they are real solid coasters that will last you. Not only that but as opposed to fabric coasters these are super simple to clean because you can just wipe them off with a paper towel. If you don't have coasters, or you want new ones... buy these. Or check out that whole shop for other awesome designs!!!

Love Story (8x10 Print) by:
Price: $32
I should let you know to start that shes offering a BOGO right now (buy one get one free it looks like!). I love the filter used on this photograph. The romantic etheral fairy tale feel of the muted colors and soft purples is just so soothing. To be honest I'm considering buying some of these myself even though I can't afford really much right now. It seems worth it. I would really love some pretty artwork to hang up in my room and in my living rom and I'm a huge fan of photography. This picture is adorable too!!

Hand Crafted Apron with Tie Back by:
Price: $45
I love this apron because when I look at this I think Cinderella. Not Cinderella like I'm forced to do lots of housework and I'm a prisoner in my own home but Cinderella like 'clearly if I put this on I will suddenly become a Disney princess and little birds will fly in the window and help me clean and sing with me'. So I want it. The back has a very cute corsett lace up. Please check it out to see the pictures!!

Chotto Tote/Messenger by:
Price: $59 (was $98)
This is my favorite shape bag and this is an incredible deal. Really you should not pass this up. This is a beautifully crafted bag with optional length straps and did you see that price! Amazing amazing amazing. This bag will take you through the fall, the winter, and even through the beginning of spring! You really can't beat a deal like this. I love Etsy.

Vintage White Mirror by:
Price: $35
Love love love love love and if I had $35 to spare I would be buying this instead of listing it on here!! I love this, I would probably spraypaint the frame some other ridiculous color because my house is all beige (rental so we can't change it) but I think its simply lovely! And it saves me the money of buying a mirror to put in a frame I find that I like so it's totally a bargain. This would look awesome in my living room....

Keep checking back! Leave me a comment and let me know what you liked!

Today I Am Everything!

I woke up just a few minutes ago at 8 o'clock as I do on the usual day. To the sound of a Golden Retriever who sounds much more like a bird than a dog, and to a Corgi who is just oh so happy that I've moved from my bed that his bum might just wiggle off his little body. I had a dream last night about my friends from home who I miss a lot, and I'm excited for tonight because my fiance is taking me out on a proper date, and I'm terrified because my future in laws are coming to visit on Friday and I've never met them and I'm afraid they will hate me. I feel like I'm a little bit of everyone I am and used to be. The high school girl, the mom of he dogs, the girlfriend, the housewife, the fiance.

So today I've decided to represent all of that. Everything I see on Etsy today that tickles my fancy I will add up here. So hopefully today will turn into something longer than the typical 5 item post and I hope you all enjoy it!

Who are you today?

Twofer Tote or Book Bags by:
Price: $5.75
I am a fan of using eco friendly bags when doing just about anything. They are great for shopping, for holding your emergency snack/water bag in your car, for carrying books around, organizing things in your home so they have a place ( keep all of my dogs treats in a tote bag and on a hook so they can't get to them). You're helping to save the environment and the world and it's a cute way to do it. As much as this is a save the trees moment its a save the humans moment more. Plastic bags are more wasteful for us to use than paper because plastic is a reuseable but not a renewable resource and I haven't seen many people recycling their shopping bags except maybe to put trash in. I'm not saying you're an awful person if you sometimes forget to use eco bags and use plastic bags instead. I'm just saying it is really worth the effort to try to avoid using plastic! And from what I've heard, in lots of places in France your options are environmentally friendly bag or carry your stuff in your arms!

Food Tracker - 7 Day Food Journal by:
Price: $3
What a nifty little idea. This book (designed by a registered dietitian) is set up to help you understand what you're eating and make a healthier lifestyle for yourself. On the pages there are sections for meals and snacks where you just jot down what you ate so you can look back and see. I've often found on diets that if I look at written down what I've eaten in the day I'll realized that I'm not actually hungry when I go to reach for the food, that I was really just bored. It is hard to keep track of what you ate in a regular journal too because you get disorganized or distracted or what have you and then forget. If you and some friends are starting a diet together or just trying to keep you and your loved ones healthy these little guys make great gifts too! What an awesome price!

Autumn Splendor Scarf by:
Price: $16
This is the type of scarf I like in the Fall. Something with a rich pattern in vibrant colors that looks like an updated version of something my grandmother would have liked (and let me tell you, Nana had style. When she passed away I inherited one of her vintage Dooney bags and several strings of pearls), I would love to see this with a coraley-orange pea coat or over something ivory like a sweater. And I think this scarf would be beautiful on my sister who just screams fall and loves fall all the same. Sometimes when you see things like this its nice to send a just because gift. If I had a job right now then I would be!

23 Small Metal Buttons by:
Price: $3
This is something unlike most things I list on here and just hear me out. I'm kinda a craft like to DIY person and I really do love buttons. I like to rehab some of my old clothes too and one of my favorite things is rehabbing sweaters that have lost buttons. What I think really gives a plain sweater the look of something modern and new is MIS MATCHING BUTTONS! My sister bought the cutest sweater at Anthropologie for like $80 and it has mis matcing buttons. I bought a cute shirt at Forever 21 with mis matching buttons for $20, but now I can recycle my old beat up sweater to have mis matching buttons for $3. See where I'm going here? Ya.

Woolie Whale Hand Crocheted Plushie by:
Price: $19.99
It has been a long time since I listed a stuffed animal but I think this one is just SO CUTE! I love this little guy already and he looks so squishy and huggable. This store is full of adorable little plushie things and I want to just look around and buy everything. What I like most about these are the quality of them. They look so professional, to a much higher grade than those mass produced things in stores, so these could very easily be used as decorations, especially in nurserys and young childrens rooms. Go look around!!

6 Candelabra from Recycled Wine Bottles by:
Price: $48
What a nifty idea! 6 seperate wine bottles that you can place over tealights to create a modern effect of a candelabra. I really like the fact that you can set these up how you want, keep them together or seperate them. They would be beautiful on a coffee table, on a mantle, as a table centerpiece, on a shelf, pretty much anywhere! And I have to imagine if you shut off the lights in a room and just let them glow that they would be simply lovely! And how cool would this be as a gift if you have any friends with a funky creative modern style!

More to come later this afternoon! But for now I will enjoy my pumpkin bread I baked last night then do a bit of cleaning. Enjoy!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Frame It!

So I'm continuing on with my love of frames today with this post. Frames are so multi functional. Stand alone, chalk boards, as frames, mirrors, centerpieces, borders. You can use them for a plethora of different projects so they are one of the best things to have laying around for when you get that itch to redecorate. Here are some of my favorites I've found recently!

Shabby Chic French Country Frame by:
Price: $14.95
I'm not sure why but I'm picturing this frame hanging alone on a turquoise wall. Probably because I had been planning on painting my room turquoise for years before I moved in with my fiance. This frame has such beautiful detailing in it though, it's one of those things that can really make your 'white' the accent color. The pop of this romantic detailing against a modern color really sums up my favorite style. This is a frame that would cost you $25-40 anywhere else too!!

Pink and Distressed Vintage Picture Frame by:
Price: $9
The perfect frame for a modern romantic little girl's nursery. Can't you just see your first family photo just moments after your little darling is born in this? Or perhaps an alphabet flash card with the first letter of their name in it, or a prayer or blessing written out nicely. I love this frame and its distressing. It keeps it from being stuffy and makes it very relaxing and inviting in the style. Adorable!!

Vintage Old Wooden Frames by:
Price: $23
For those of you who like do DIY and want to paint some frames or just like a mis match of things this is a great listing. It is for FIFTEEN FRAMES! (three not pictured). Some of them need a little TLC, hooks and wires, but this price for this many frames is absolutely exceptional! I can't imagine finding a better deal. This may very well be my tope score of the day!!

Vintage Metal Art Picture Frame by:
Price: $5
Love this and love the price! This is something that I in my odd sense of humor would LOVE to take and put a giant silhouette of something like a squirrel in. Mimicking the old style of being fancy and adding my own obnoxious and childish twist on. I have a strange sense of humor, I am aware... but I enjoy it and I think it adds a little bit of intrigue to things that I do. I like me the way I am and I'm not going to change. That being said I like this frame the way it is and I wouldn't change it either!

1964 Syroco Fleur de Lis Frame by:
Price: $16.95
This little beauty caught my attention because it's extraordinarily unique shape. I love the look of it. This would be perfect next to a door in an enterance hall or sideways above a fireplace or almost anywhere. The frame itself is enough art that it needs nothing else. The price on it for the style and the design is wonderful. Such a great deal!!!

Keep checking back for more of my fun finds!!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Best Thing About Fall Is Fashion!!!

Okay I felt like purse shopping a bit after dinner so here are a few lovely ones that I found! I hope you enjoy them!

Winter Collection Handmade Leather Tote by:
Price: $120
I love this bag. The stitching and the metal work on it are just lovely. The rich brown color is perfect for fall and this is a bag capable of holding everything you could need. I'm not sure what it is about the purse but it's that bag that makes me want to carry it everywhere and keep it organized inside. I feel like carrying this would make me walk with better posture. It is simply beautiful in the detailing. A great purse and worth the price!!

Tweed Wool Flower Boston Bag by:
Price: $89.90
What a cute lady-like bag!!! The corsage is removable and I think this bag would be cute with or without this. I can see this with a pea-coat in the winter with a fluffy cable knit scarf. This looks so snuggly and nice. I like how there is that very fresh and young feel to this but still the air of maturity. This would also make a really great gift for someone this Christmas! A hint to my fiance if he happens to read this....

Cherry Red Wall Flower by:
Price: $8
This is less fall than other things... and really more spring but it could work for early fall too and the summer... but for the price, I could not pass up posting it on here. This is absolutely adorable. I've actually seen throw pillows in this fabric and considered buying them. I love clutches because they can be wallets too. This one is worth a look because the inside fabric is cute too and it would make a great holiday gift!!

Mini Carpet Bag in Teal by:
Price: $35
I've featured this bag before in another color but I'm bringing it back because I love it that much. The design on this is so adorable and the tweed fabric is heavy enough to be a fall/winter bag. It has heavy warm fabric and it looks to me like even in rain or snow it would happily protect all of its contents and keep them nice and dry. I still really want one of these bags and come the Christmas season I will be giving blunt hints to my fiance to buy this for me.

Blue Frilly Leather Shoulder Clutch by:
Price: $60
This bag is one of the cutest and most feminine leather bags I've ever seen. I'm not a huge fan of frills on bags but on this one it works, and I'm quite partial to this color. This can be used as a clutch (which is what I would do) or as a shoulder bag, cross chest or not. The price on this is excellent and I really like the detailing and craftsmanship on this. You can (it appears) detach straps on this and I feel like you could really use this fall, winter, and spring. Just lovely!
Leave me comments! What would you like to see tomorrow?

In The Mood For FOOD!

I'm in the mood for food today. Something yummy like and scrumptious. With the holiday season coming up I'm a bit saddened that I don't know more people around where I live because I LOVE baking and surprising neighbors and friends with all sorts of treats. Last winter I was still living far away from my fiance so I mailed him some (double chocolate peanut butter chip cookies, chocolate covered pretzels, chocolate chip cookies, shortbread cookies, and brownies!). I've always wanted to try making fudge but I'm a bit afraid to. 

Point being that this year I have no one to send it to. I'll still bake to be a good hostess in case anyone comes over but my repitoire is limited now that I no longer have a kitchen aid mixer (I can't use my moms cause its too far away! :( ) so I'm going to go with some basic things and then maybe sample some stuff from Etsy for ideas and just to buy or to send to people! .... or to spoil myself. 

Here are some of the scrumptious things I've found!!! (Great for parties in a pinch or wedding receptions, anything really!)

Great Grandma's Icebox Cookies with Pecans by:
Price: $12
I can practically smell these just looking at them. Delicious crunchy pecan cookies. I am craving one of these with a cup of cocoa piled high with whipped cream while I snuggle with my guy. Mmm. These make me feel so ready for cooler weather. For $12 you get 3 dozen cookies! For those math challenged that means you get 36 cookies. That is more than ample for a gift, to bring to a party (if you are baking challenged or don't have time) or to have some now and throw some in the freezer to forget about and then happily remember on a rainy day. Oooh they look so good.

2 Dozen Lemon Glazed Shortbread Cookies by:
Price: $8
YUM! Two things I absolutely adore! Lemon Glaze and Shortbread Cookies! I've never had them combined before but I must say it is a very intriguing combination. These look absolutely beautiful too. Nice and shiny. And these shortbread cookies definitely have some weight to them, rather than the average skinny shortbread cookies these are nice and hearty. They look delicious! Oh man this was a bad idea for a blog today... I'm so hungry already.

Itty Bitty Bite Sized Flower Sugar Cookies by:
Price: $10.50
This listing is for 8 DOZEN cookies. That is a LOT of cookies. And sugar cookies are quite possibly the best/cutest party/hostess cookie. These will last you a long time too not to mention how cute the design and frosting are! They are random colors but you are allowed to request what color they want. And I'd just like to add this is some of the best food photography I've seen on Etsy thus far. Staging of food means a lot towards the temptation of wanting to buy it and this is incredibly. Crisp, clean, and modern. Kudos to you sugarandflower. Bake on!

Simple But Delicious Lemon Squares by:
Price: $6
Be Still My Heart. I LOVE lemon squares. They are one of my absolute favorites. It has been over a year since I've had one and I want to dive into these. For $6 you get 6 huge lemon squares, and that is a great deal.  I used to pay $5 a piece of the lemon squares I got and these are a lot bigger and from reading the ingredients on the page it seems like they would be better too. Totally worth a taste or two... or five. YUM!

Toffee Crunch Bark by:
Price: $8.50
Yum. My mom is a lover of chocolate bark of all kinds but this toffee crunch one looks like a winner for this year. It may seem a bit odd but I really love eating chocolate that isn't in a perfect square. I like random shapes. If any of you have ever had a chocolate orange before? My favorite part is the core. And I really think that is why I love chocolate bark so much. I'm also a toffee lover but having toffee in large sections hurts my teeth. Perhaps this is the perfect solution. And it looks really cute all crunched up in a bowl so people can grab whatever size they want to eat. And makes a great cake/cupcake topper decoration!!

Keep checking back for more scrumptious treats!!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Something For You!

I've been focusing on spoiling your home for a few days so how about a few things for you. I got a few beautiful necklaces in the mail yesterday and it made me want to go out and find some beautiful one for you ladies. Now the important thing to remember in jewelry is that even costume jewelry can look real and sophisticated if you wear it correctly. It depends on everything that you're wearing. That being said lets see what I can find

Tea Kettle Necklace by:
Price: $12
I love teapots! I think everything about them and tea parties are absolutely adorable. That is why for my 18th birthday my mom got me these absolutely adorable tea party cake Betsey Johnson earrings that I simply adore. But this necklace is just so cute and would look so cute with a t-shirt and jeans and boots in the fall. Its got a bit of simple elegance because of the bead and a bit of whimsy because of the tea kettle style. Love it!

Pearl Ribbon Necklace by:
Price: $12
I love these necklaces because the ribbon keeps it from feeling too stuffy and its still elegant! Great to go with a little black dress or a an everyday outfit. This designer lets you customize everything from the ribbon color its tied with to the crystals in between the pearls and the rings that its attached to the ribbon with. For this price that is an incredible deal! Absolutely stunning.

Alice's Garden by:
Price: $26
What I love about this? Asymmetry. I love asymmetry in jewelry. This necklace again has that little touch of whimsy and of course little birds! Again this is a dress up dress down necklace. I really like the way this one hangs too and It looks really really nice for the price. This is the necklace that I would compliment a stranger on. And we all know we like getting compliments!
Argentina Rhodochrosite Necklace by:
Price: $35
The stone drew me into this one. I love adding a pop of color to an outfit through something like this. The chain on this would lend it to be less of a dress up necklace but it can easily be worn with a casual dress or an everyday outfit. Again its got the little birds that I love and the cameo setting the stone is on. This is a very interesting and unique necklace. A great addition to a collection.
Illusions Perdues Cameo Necklace by:
Price: $27
I think everyone should own at least one Cameo necklace. They are beautiful and timeless. Definitely something you can hand down. I don't necessarily think that you should pay a few hundred dollars for a real one or two though because I have a bad habit of losing/breaking jewelry. I love love love the robins egg blue color on the background of this one though. I give this two thumbs up and I kinda want it myself. Perhaps I need to start hinting to my fiance. Just kidding. He's spoiled me too much already.
Hope you like these! Check back later today for more great Etsy finds!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Turn This House Into A Home

One thing I've noticed that is lacking at my current place of residence is that feeling of 'home'. As silly as it seems I find home to be a warmth that can really be brought in by material things. I'm very happy living with my fiance and my dogs but when I think of the feeling I got when I walked into the house I grew up in and where I am now, it's different. And I felt more comfortable there. Sure it can be acquired by time, but it can also be acquired by little touches. Things that make it look and feel more like a home. I'm not talking CLUTTER... cause that bugs me to high heaven. Just a few decorative things. Heres what I found today.

Glass Flower Vases by:
Price: $12
These vintage glass vases are beautiful. They remind me of the ones my mom used to put our flowers that our dad would give my sister and I after our ballet recitals in. They were my great grandmothers vases and therefore I love the look of vintage vases. These are great for if you get a few flowers, or just to display. Place them on a shelf, on a mantle, or in a kitchen window that catches the morning light just right. Something to make things look cheery and happy. That warm bright and snuggly feeling of home.

Vintage Apothecary Jars (set of 6) by:
Price: $35
My entire childhood whenever I went over to my grandparent's house (may they rest in peace) they always had an oldfashioned buffet set up with vintage apothecary jars filled with candy. It was like walking into the worlds greatest free candy store! After they passed away the candy jars were emptied and dispursed between the family, but my mom made sure to always have at least one full of candy at my house. My friends thought it was magical, and I thought it just looked so welcoming. The offering of candy to anyone who comes into your house just seems to be such a lovely gesture to me and to put it in one of these lovely jars would make it that much more inviting. (Or if you're like me... buy a table or make some room somewhere, fill all six and spread them out throughout the house!)

Shabby Chic Upcycled Frames by:
Price: $57
10 vintage frames for $57 is a steal and a half, not to mention the shabby chic look of these are just adorable and upcycling is good for the environment. The wonderful thing about these is there are so many uses for them. Hang them in front of windows for decorative accents. Lean them on shelves (my favorite is to lean them on a shelf with a cute pair of pumps in front!), hang the frames by themselves on a wall, or in groupings, get a mirror cut for them, get a chalkboard cut for them. There are so many possibilities and these are GORGEOUS. (If you're wondering it works out to $5.70 per frame)

Shades of Love (original acryllic painting on 24''x36'' canvas) by:
Price: $225
I don't usually list something this expensive on my blog because those of us who shop on Etsy are usually looking to save a lot of money and the economy is bad right now, but this I cannot resist. Not only does the picture suggest a very loving happy atmosphere (like the one I'm looking to create) but it also has a very warm glow about it. The softness of the lines and the warm fall tones make me feel like throwing on a sweater and grabbing some cocoa and slippers and snuggling up with my man. Now I hate making big purchases (and so does he) but in this case, if I had the money I would buy this. Art is an investment in talent, beauty, and happiness.

Mums Flower Embroidery Placemat (set of 4) by:
Price: $28
Be sure to check out this shop for a lot more placemats and matching runners. I feel that placemats are a lost art though. People will sit down at the table and just put their plates down because they know the plate alone won't leave a ring but placemats really step up the class of your table. It looks warm and inviting, and nice even when you're not sitting there eating. I ALWAYS have placemats on my table (...even if they are sometimes hidden by the piles of clean laundry I'm sorting...) because it does make my house feel more like a home.
What 'things' make your house feel like a home? Let me know!