Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Run AWAY! From The Too Short Table Runner Blues!

I was so happy to wake up this morning (how every unrested and still exceptionally groggy) to find another email request for a blog. I know I had lots of requests yesterday but unless they are in email form I tend to forget... at least until I wake up. Let us hope I remember some. But since this one is right here I decided to start the day with it.

"I have a long dining room table and I know I've seen other girls mention their long tables on D&R on the nest, too. It is nearly impossible to find any type of selection of table runners for longer tables. I'd love to see a post on linens for the table."

I would absolutely love to find some on Etsy for you but my suggestion is that if you do happen to fall head over heels in love with one that you find is too short, buy 2! Silly, I know, but bring them together in the center of your table and find a solid color place-mat that blends with the colors of the runner but isn't the same width or shape. Sew the end of the two runners loosely together then put the placemat down over the stitched area and use that as the spot to place a nice centerpiece. No one has to know its two runners instead of a beautiful custom one!
But I can find you real table runners too. Lets begin, shall we?

Damask Table Runner by:
Price: $14.95
I picked this one because it would look so cute with my dream dining room. (If I ever have a dining room I'm getting the black and white ikea chairs I want and my black table, there will be white square plates, silver framed mirrors on the walls and oh ya, the walls will be CHARTREUSE. Sounds crazy? Well.. I'll post pics when I do it.) This table runner is listed at being 72'' long. I'm not sure how long of a table runner everyone was looking for but it doesn't matter. This seller has kindly included in their description to contact them if you need a custom one or a longer one and they would be happy to try to accommodate your needs! (And these come in other colors)

Circle Felt Table Runner by:
Price: $125
Oh my good golly gosh! This is just so rad! It looks very 70s and 80s but modern at the same time! I love the circles and this is heat resistant as well as moisture resistant. Granted this is a little more expensive than the previously listed on but it is also an item not every girl and here mother will have something similar too. For those of you that were looking for extra long table runners, this one boasts 90'' long! I'm not sure what length you were all looking for but I hope this covers. This was so cool it drew me in to look around the rest of the shop and I must tell you it is TOTALLY worth your time.

Satin Table Runners by:
Price: $5
108'' Satin table runners available in 33 colors. To be honest I'm not sure how this price is available for this or if this is just the order fee. I couldn't find it in the description so we're gonna go with we're just getting a really great deal on this. I'm not sure how satin would hold up on a table if you kept the runner on during meals and spilled food on it but if it's really $5 then you could always just order another one. I do not, however, recommend this runner if you have curious kitties that are not de-clawed. I feel like their little toesies would go right through this fabric. I've seen it happen before. But the color selection on this is AWESOME.

Alexander Henry Table Runner by:
Price: $17
Oh man! How cute is this fabric?! And the great thing about patterns on tables is they are less likely to show stains. This one is listed at 2 yards long currently but says it can be ordered in custom lengths. She also lets you pick your end shape! Squared, pointed, tassle on the end, you name it they'll do it! Which is an awesome idea for added customization (be prepared if you want tassles, I imagine they cost extra... and kitty owners is might not be worth it.) I love the pallet in this because I feel like it could be an all season runner. Oh maybe I'm going to change the colors of my dream dining room!!

 Swirl Embroidered Organza Table Runner by:
Price: $8
For $8 you get a 72'' long table runner in your choice of colors. For $10 you get a 108'' table runner in your choice of colors. This sounds like a pretty good deal to me. The pattern of embroidery on this really adds texture without being overwhelming. The bit of whimsy of the stitch adds elegance and I'm a fan of the way they chose to display this. It always makes me feel a little more trusting in the product when I see someone was proud enough of it to stage it appropriately. Good job!
(NOTE : Her shop is absolutely FILLED with gorgeous table runners. Be sure to go and look at them all!!!)

Samantha by:
Price: $20
I know I know, more black and cream damask! But this is different because its a big bold damask instead of just a texture creating small print. This listing is up for a 72'' long runner but if you read down further it says that she makes everything to order so yes you can get a longer runner, in whatever length you need I'm assuming. This is just illustrating the other wonderful point of shopping on Etsy over retail. Humans make your products, so humans can customize your products, and humans appreciate every single purchase you make! Keep that in mind.

Leave me some comments! What do you think of this? What colors are your dining room? Your dream dining room? Whats your decorating style?

Do you want me to start posting store ratings with every item I list? Let me know!

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  1. Great blog! Like many others, I have a serious Etsy problem. Maybe by following your blog it will lessen the effects on my wallet :)