Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Decorate For Less!

Sorry I never finished my post yesterday, turns out I was sleepier than I thought. I'm still a bit sleepy but I've got to stay up and pack and clean so here I am! I'm going to finish up what I missed yesterday and add on more today of what was requested. Hope you all find something you like. Leave me a comment and let me know!

Since Autumn Decorations were requested I will happily be posting some up here but I'm going to try to pick a new subject of them each day to help stretch through the season. Starting off today with wreaths! Enjoy

Simply Pumpkin Berry Wreath by:
Price: $31
There are a lot of things I really love about this wreath. First off the fact that it's not just orange, brown, and red. This wreath is vibrant and still seasonably appropriate. The greens and yellows and purples really add a lot to it. Secondly it doesn't look like a traditional wreath in the fact that it's not just a bunch of stuff stuck to a premade wreath. Instead of being accents on a circular piece of woven sticks it is actually a ring of eye catching seasonably appropriate things! This would be adorable on your front door, over your fireplace, or even laying flat in the center of your dining room table with a dish of candles inside (one of my favorite fall centerpieces)! And of course, the best thing about wreathes?! You can save them and use them next year too! So the real price of a wreath is price ÷ number of years used = actual price.

Argyle Owl by:
Price: $40
Now how often do you find an argyle wreath?! And the flowers on this? It's absolutely adorable! This little guy I probably wouldn't display on my outside door unless it was behind a storm door because I'd want to keep him around for a few years. This is one of those cute and interesting pieces that your friends come over and ask you casually where you got it trying to sound like they are making conversation but really they just want to get one for themselves so they look just as spiffy as you. This is perfect for a young couple or a family with kids. It adds that little touch of playfulness. It's good to never take yourself too seriously!

Mustard & Autumn Berry Wreath by:
Price: $55
If you're looking for a classic wreath that is perfect to take you through the fall and winter this one is perfect. To dress it up a bit more for the holiday season just buy some ribbon and give it a big bow (for those of you who don't want to tie your own bow you can always get the premade ones) or if you're looking for something a bit more cutesy get a little holiday stuffed animal to sit in there. But I love the fall harvesty feeling this one gives off with the berries. The gold in it glows and reminds me of the warm and toasty feeling in a house at parties and the smell of warm cider and the fire crackling in the fireplace. Mmmm I love it!!

Sweet Autumn Blooming Wreath by:
Price: $48
Wow! This wreath just grabs your attention right away. The flowers and the way they extend from the branches just reminds me of dancing flames or the bright look of wheat fields in the early morning in the fall. It perfectly captures the beauty of that autumn gold and this is a style that I can't see going out for a long time. The spray wreath has more of a contemporary feel and the whole look of this wreath is simply stunning. Absolutely perfect. I don't even know what to say!

Harvest Yarn Wreath by:
Price: $30
This wreath really gives a warm rich feeling that will carry you through late November. The mixture of yarn and ribbon reminds me of elegance and being surrounded by family at the same time. I appreciate the asymmetry of this wreath as it creates a much more contemporary feel and the reds and deep oranges on this give it a wonderful rich warmth. This is a wreath that you could use for years to come! 
And now my next request, Vinyl Wall Decals for a little girls nursery featuring orange! (under $30)
Keep in mind most wall decals come in a range of colors, customized to your choice if you just contact the designer. Enjoy!

Every Day I Love You Vinyl Decal by:
 Price: $15
This is absolutely adorable and a perfect sentiment to have in a nursery (perhaps a nice reminder in the beginning after the 2 am feedings have worn you down). I'm a firm believer in having something that you say to those you love at least once a day. For example, every night before I go to bed I say to my dog 'Goodnight Oliver James. I love you very much.' As strange as it sounds he knows what that means and he curls up and goes to sleep when he hears it. This is something I think everyone should say to their babies several times a day!

Butterfly (set of 16) Wall Decal by:
Price: $18.90
These come as 16 separate decals that you can place as you want. I love the little bit of whimsy that comes with this decal and little girls will love this even as they get older. You could place them anywhere you wanted in the room. Above a crib or on the floor will give your little one hours of entertainment just looking at them. They are so adorable! Can't wait until I have a nursery to decorate (well... I can but I can't at the same time).

Pixie Dust Tinkerbelle Vinyl Decal by:
Price: $20
This is my favorite quote from my favorite Disney movie so I had to add it on here! I've always been a Peter Pan fan and I think this quote and the design of this decal is absolutely adorable. Again a decal that is perfect for a nursery up through a little girls room! It will last you years and keeps the childlike feeling alive. It is a wonderful thing!

Colorful Tree Chandelier with Birds by:
Price: $12.99
I always planned on putting a small chandelier in my first daughters nursery but I realize that may not be in my price range but this little decal chandelier is a very cute idea. Sure it doesn't really have the same feel but it is quite adorable not to mention bright and colorful! I really like this decal and the price is absolutely wonderful!

Birdies & A Branch Decal by:
Price: $14
Simple but pretty. And birds. Great for a corner of a room or coming off of a door frame. These are cute and add just a bit of interest! They are really cute little birds and I personally really like this decal. I'm considering using this for my living room some day. If you don't want an overwhelming decal this is a good one for you!
Keep checking back! I'll be adding more throughout the day!!

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  1. Than you very much for the wall decals. This blog is an awesome idea. Just a thought- why not include the other sites as well as etsy? Sometimes you could find something better outside of etsy...just thinking.
    thanks again for your effort.