Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Oh! The Weather Outside Is .... SlightlyColderThanItWasThisSummer.... ya.

Okay, I'm really starting to miss fall and down here in NC a 'fall day' means its 70 degrees and rain. I love the rain but I want the chill of fall! I want to curl up under a blanket with my cup of cocoa and watch the leaves fall off the trees. The leaves are a fallin but there is no chill in the air and no cocoa for me yet. But that made me think of one of my favorite things, MUGS!

I always have my cocoa mug and my tea mug, my mother has way too many mugs, and my sister has her mugs that match her teapots. I guess it's a family thing. Not to mention they are great to decorate with, great to use, and great to gift!

So here are some of my favorite Etsy mugs of the day!!

Lavender Mug With Yellow Bird by:
Price: $24
Of course I found a mug with a bird on it. But this little birdie is so cute! Perched on the side of your mug he just looks up at you happily. I'm absolutely positive hes just wondering if you're enjoying your hot beverage. This is such an adorable mug and would make a cute display around Easter because of the colors. Not to mention it adds a nice little place for that bunny to hide one of his eggs!

Drinks For The King's Feast by:
Price: $60
I enjoy the Medieval look of this set, and I'm sure my sister would love it. This would make a really awesome gift. Great for serving hot and cold drinks I'm sure, that pitcher would even look great stand alone on a table. For me? This cinnamon red screams fall and I think it would be great for serving hot apple cider to company. Anything that helps me look like a good hostess? I like. And this set is perfect!!!

I Heart Corgi's Mug by:
Price: $11.99
I have a corgi... so I had to list this here. Click on 'My Dog!' on the top of the page to see a few pictures of him. I think this little cartoon corgi is soo cute and I really just want to pick him up and squish him. I love the stubby little legs. This mug just makes me want to giggle!

Hooter Owl Mug by:
Price: $22
Look how cute! Oh man there are so many cute mugs on Etsy today! This little guy would be adorable as a fall decoration or as a gift. Hand painted and in a soft brown color. I love his little stubby feet at the bottom. This is one of those mugs that little kids will enjoy looking at too. I love mugs that make great decorations and function.

20 oz. Brontosaurus Mug by:
Price: $30
A giant mug with a dinosaur. You don't get much more rad than that. I can think of a bunch of my friends who would be very excited to get this as a gift. This is the kind of mug I love in the fall because it means it's filled 50% cocoa and 50% whipped cream. You need a big mug for that! And I can already smell the cocoa now. I'm a big fan of the soft green used for the inside as opposed to using the same hunter green that is on the dinosaur on the outside!

Hand Painted Cups - Dandelions by:
Price: $24
These are classy with a touch of whimsy. The black white and grey is wonderful because they blend with almost any decor. The style of the cup is actually quite elegant with it's soft lines. I really like these. They would work perfectly in my dream dining room (black white and chartreuse). If you like the design but not the cups the artist will put them on something else! Now that's service!

More to come! Keep checking back!

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  1. I love all the cute things are you are finding. It is giving me hope that I will be able to navigate Etsy one day.