Thursday, September 9, 2010

Things You Didn't Think You Needed. But Now You Do!

I thought I'd start today off with another random post because thats where my brain is right now. Scattered. Yes, I have 3 days to pack up my life (everything from the past 20 years that I've accumulated that I want to keep/ever see again) and I've packed a grand total of 1 small box. And it doesn't even have important things in it. So I figured this might keep you all interested for a few hours until I've worked myself into a tizzy and can take a break. Hope you like it! Read on little blog gobblers, read on.

Love Bird Salt and Pepper Shakers/Wedding Cake Toppers by:
Price: $29
If my sister is reading this right now (who is wonderful and amazing and making my wedding cake for me) please make sure the cake is flat enough on top/has something that can hold these. As soon as I have more than two pennies to rub together I'm getting these. I know it may sound silly but I've been looking for bird salt and pepper shakers and I think these would actually be adorable on top of my wedding cake! They can be painted in any color you want or come unpainted and they are so cute. I have no idea what started my little bird obsession but I LOVE THESE!!!!!!

Outdoor Rustic Lantern by:
Price: $24.50
Wow, these are so simple and elegant and beautiful. The fall is a great time to bundle up in the evening (or in the cases of some areas of the world, go outside in your tshirt) and look at the stars and the changing leaves. Turning on porch lights can be a bit harsh and tiki-torches are out of season but these little beauties are gorgeous. Hang them or sit them on your fence posts and they will look absolutely stunning. Something that your friends will all be jealous of too. You're not going to find these little beauties just anywhere.

Decorative Wall Hook by:
Price: $12
Prettier than your average wall hook and great for everwhere! When you come in the front door and you don't feel like trudging to your coat closet and trying to find a hanger then wrestling your coat back in, or if you're going out again. Great in the bathroom for extra towels or wash cloths, great in the bedroom for your bathrobe or night dress? Extra hooks are always a good idea if you're like me and for some reason have it hard wired in your brain that hangers are too fancy and must only be used when necessary.

A Pair of Shabby-Chic Sconces by:
Price: $36
I love sconces but never had any. My apartment was too small that I ran out of wall space or they didn't make sense anywhere and I grew up with a woman who didn't believe putting holes in a wall to put up something you loved even if it would be there for the next 15 years and it was only a pin hole, was a good idea. Now that I'm moving in with my fiance I'm excited to buy something like this and put them up! Sconces are one of my favorite types of decor, whether they be candle or electrical, or purely for decor purposes. I think they are beautiful and really add a flair of elegance to any room.

Clock With Attitude by:
Price: $17
I actually stumbled upon this little guy a few months ago when I was shopping for decorations for our nerd lair (my fiance and I opted for a nerd lair instead of a man cave because we both want a comfy place to go where we can play video games and eat unhealthy food and not be judged. and we are both nerdy and love it!) But I really loved how humorous I found this little clock with his giant hands. Maybe its just my quirky sense of humor but I really hope you like it too. The only thing that stops my fiance from liking this as much as me is hes not sold on Roman Numerals.

I will try to add more throughout the day! Enjoy! And enjoy your day!

Whats your favorite find today? Thus far?

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