Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Purse Possibilities! $50 and under!

I got my first email request! I am so excited because this is really what I wanted this blog to do! I just want to help people find what they are looking for and navigate Etsy a little bit. So note to you all never hesitate to drop a line if you want to see something on here. Just email darling.little.bird@gmail.com. I will be happy to get a reply up as soon as I possibly can!

"I love the post you did Sunday with purses, but the one I fell in love with (the brown tweed and faux leather) is a touch outside my price range.  I'm wondering if you might do a $40 or $50 and under purse post? "

The answer is ABSOLUTELY! And I totally don't blame you for falling in love. I did too. So lets see what magic I can work tonight!

Black Canvas Pumpkin Bag by:
Price: $39
The pictures look like navy blue but the description says its black. Either way I like this bag. It's big and it looks like it has a lot of space, two different length straps for functionality, silver metal work and my personal favorite, its YELLOW inside. I love canvas bags too because you can beat them up til the cows come home and they will still last you for years. Also they are super easy to wash if you spill things in them or accidentally write on them with a pen... which I do all the time. The best thing about this bag in my estimation? When you glance at it, it doesn't look like its a canvas bag, the canvas has a bit more shine to it than usual and it looks pretty and almost like dupioni silk. Two thumbs up. This might be my new fall bag. 

Mini Carpet Bag with Adjustable Straps in Dark Teal by:
Price: $30
I featured this bag in Mustard on my first day but I decided to add the teal up in this post because this cute little bag should not be ignored! This fabric's weave looks nice and heavy, perfect for the fall, and this color is dark enough to be fall/winter without screaming 'HARVEST TIME' which is sometimes a much nicer option. Thank you to the world of fashion you could match this up with a black and white hounds tooth coat and be so cute cute cute this winter and at $30 its a deal and a half. I LOVE these bags. Once I get some money again I'm buying one and I will let you all know exactly how much I love it.

Felt Flower Clutch by:
Price: $38
I have been neglecting the small side of purses which are clutches. These are cute especially if you like your hands. They draw attention to hands and make them look dainty, they are also super elegant bags. Just if you're going to carry them please don't be as clumsy as I am. Be Audrey Hepburn like (oh I adore her) and if you go to tuck it under your arm make sure you do it right and don't drop it down behind you (yes I've done that). Clutches are cute because they can also be dropped into a big purse and used as a wallet as long as they aren't too too big. BE SURE to check out the rest of this shop as there are so many other adorable clutches (I almost put the gray and yellow and white one up here instead).

Rosettes on Slate and Ivory Purse by:
Price: $50
I like the tweed feeling of this fabric for the fall and the rosettes give it a bit of a ladylike flair. This will keep you from over stuffing because its a small bag so its going to stay ladylike and small. I can imagine this bag with a cute hat and scarf in the late fall and early winter. A Christmas bag really, with that elegant flair for the holiday season. Dressy but dress down-able and a totally worth while investment!

Patchwork in Mustard by:
Price: $42
This is a great fall bag because of the color and because of the fabric. It s made of casco suede which is seasonably appropriate for the fall. The metalworking on the end of the straps adds that finished look and makes it look classy. This bag has the feeling of a model's weekend go out and shop in the farmers market bag. I come up with the oddest descriptions of things but I know what I'm talking about. I hope you do too. Anyway this bag looks to be durable, built to last you several seasons so at $42 it's a good investment.

Soma by:
Price: $36
This cute little corduroy bag will take you through the fall and some of the winter depending on your climate, maybe even all the winter. what really caught my eye about this bag was the real slight hint of whimsy that the lace detailing adds. The lace really makes the bag. It is also available in an olive green which is equally as nice and corduroy has some durability so this one will also take you through a few seasons!


I hope these help with your fall bag needs! I will be adding more as the season goes on! Happy hunting!


  1. Love these--especially the mustard suede one! Thanks so much!!

  2. The mini carpet bag is adorable! I want it!

  3. Great finds! I've put a couple of these on my Christmas list. Thanks so much for featuring my clutch! - Laura

  4. I'm so glad you guys like my finds. I'm looking back through older posts now.. sorry it has taken me so long to get around to it.

    I'm planning on doing another purse/clutch feature under $50 soon!!