Monday, September 20, 2010

Bad Little Blogger!

Sorry I've been such a bad little blogger lately! But in my defense it's been a super busy week plus and is going to continue to be crazy and a half until this coming Sunday, then if all goes well it'll be smooth sailing for the rest of my life. But of course things never go as planned and thats where the fun kicks in!

Over this just past weekend I was at my darling cousins wedding which I absolutely adored! It could have been called an Etsy themed wedding and everything was spectacular! She was beyond stunning and her husband is such a sweet heart I wish them both the very best!

Now it is time to return to our regularly scheduled Etsy. Are you ready for this? We're starting back with all my request that I need to fill! 

Request #1: Crib sheets to go with an orange nursery, under $20!

Hand Made Bright Orange Crib Sheet by:
Price: $13.50
If you really just wanted orange this is the way to go! Or any other color because this seller has several. These are all hand made in a smoke free pet free home so there is nothing to worry about harming your little jelly bean! Great for those surprise gender babies, orange is really coming into style and I'm personally becoming a big fan of it!

Crib Sheet Chains by:
Price: $15
For those of you who like a bit more modern and still want that splash of color this sheet is PERFECT. You can decorate a room in browns, creams, and whites, giving it a very relaxing feeling and then just add that pop of orange to make it feel young. This pattern is not something you would expect for a nursery either but it's still really cute and something that isn't cookie cutter from a magazine. I like that because I feel like therehas been less suggestion planted in my brain and its more of my creativity to flow with it in decoration!

Safari to Dreamland by:
Price: $16
Or you can bring a cute little jungle into your nursery! These little animals are adorable and this would go with any bedroom furniture. I also adore the fact that instead of being just two colors it introduces greens and yellows too. This will help keep the orange from becoming overwhelming and it is something interesting for baby to look at as he or she gets a little older. Perhaps buy you a few minutes of extra sleep after the little one wakes up!!

Hope these help!

Request #2 Cute Office Supplies/Desk/Organizer Things!:

Jumbo Paperclips in Moss Flutterby Fabric by:
Price: $4
I always find humor in miniature or oversized items and these paperclips are no exception. Not to mention the fabric on these are adorable! Now I know what you're thinking, 'they are giant paperclips, so?' well, lets think about this folks. How often on your desk do you have a pile of papers that you look at and say 'I need these so I'm going to stack them together but I'm never going to find them later' and then later comes and you can't find them. Giant Paperclips! With the buttons they will stick out so you can easily find things on your desk, they are big enough to hold lots of paper, they are super cute, and only $4. When you're not using them thumb tack them up somewhere for decoration. Perfect!

Birds & Flowers Decorating File Folders by:
Price: $4.49
YOU may like plain old boring file folders but I sure don't! No, joking aside, decorating file folders (besides being adorable) are very functional. I always manage to label my folders improperly but for some reason I can always manage to remember what the folder looks like that I put things in so I always buy cute and patterned file folders. Of course they also are a bonus because they don't look so dooming. Instead of 'Ugh look at that file full of paperwork I have to sort through' it becomes 'Aww! Look at that cute folder!'. Two thumbs up in my book.

Printable Weekly Calendar by:
Price: $5
Okay, so, SUCH A GOOD IDEA! For $5 you get emailed a pdf (for those of you that don't know, it's a type of file for your computer that you can open and print) that you can print of color coded by month, weekly calendar. If that didn't make sense I apologize, I'm beyond exhausted right now. You print them out, write in the days of the week, and then instead of just having a single block or being broken up by hour it has morning, afternoon, and evening spots. You can punch holes in it and put it in a binder and the best news for you perfectionists like me, if you mess something up you can just print out another and copy it over!! Love love love this.

Pink & White Damask Designer Can No. 035 by:
Price: $8
So you can throw your pens and pencils into a coffee mug or something equally as mundane or get a cute one like this that spices up your desk! And with this you can be part of the upcycling movement! Upcycling is taking something that would otherwise be tossed aside and making it better and reuseable. This is made from an aluminum can but has been covered on the outside AND inside and decorated to be oh so cute! Don't YOU want to help save the planet?

Alright, I've been traveling since the wee hours of the morning so  it's time for this little blogger to grab a little shut eye. When I return I'll give you more for office/desk supplies and cute things and then.... AUTUMN DECORATIONS! Get excited!

Feel free to comment with features you'd like to see in the future!


  1. What a great list!!! I'm so glad you included my decorative file folders--they are cuties!!! Thanks for the shout-out, I appreciate it! your blog is super-cute, I'm sure I'll be back!

  2. thank you for the orange sheets. this blog is so helpful. i love the brown and orange ones and will be getting them.

    Can I ask you for another favor? We are looking for some cheap but modern wall decals for a girl's nursery. Could you please help in finding them (under $30?). thanks!!!!