How To Shop Etsy!

I have noticed that a majority of the comments left on the main page of my blog are 'I hope someday I'll learn how to navigate Etsy!' So I decided to leave you all some of my best tips. Now this page is a work in progress so please bare with me. Also Etsy is an ever changing entity. There are multiple ways to shop it but here are a few of my tips for you beginners.

1. Have some time on your hands! All of my blog posts, even the ones with a specific theme like 'throw pillow' take me an hour to three hours to compile. Etsy has a lot on it, and you're probably gonna slog through a lot you don't like before you find something you do! Don't get discouraged!

2. If you like it, favorite it or bookmark it! Things are constantly being added and sold so if you like something there is a button to click on that says favorite and then the site will save it for you on your account on a list, OR bookmark it on your browser.

3. Know what it is you're looking for! The search box is your friend. The problem is there is so much stuff on this site it can be challenging to find what you want. For example if you search 'frames' you will get picture frames, you will get glasses frames, you will get framing for all sorts of things. Really think about what you're searching. Type 'Picture Frames', want vintage ones? Next to the search box is a drop down list where you can select vintage. On the left hand side there will be lists of categories that they have found your search in. You're probably not going to look in 'childrens' or 'clothing' for your frame but instead 'Housewares'.

Work in progress. More coming later.