Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Valentines Day With A Twist!

Good Morning Good Day Blog Readers!
So glad you came back again today! I really do appreciate your dedication and I hope you're enjoying my blog. With Valentines Day coming up so soon I thought it would be nice to post some traditional Valentines Day items with a twist, because thats something Etsy does so well, adding a twist on the ordinary to make it extraordinary! I really hope you enjoy everything I find today and keep reading!

molly cate!

Custom Paper Flowers by:
Price: $3-150
This link is for the entire shop because I couldn't decide on just one to link. She makes beautiful flowers and custom flower/bouquets of paper for you! These are stunning and they will last forever instead of dropping a lot of cash on overpriced flowers just because its Valentines Day. Not that I'm saying I'm going to say no if my darling comes home with a bouquet of the red gerber daisies I've been asking for, but I certainly would not be disappointed with these either! Gorgeous!

Chocolate Dipped Vanilla Shortbread Hearts by:
Price: $10
Every girl regardless of if shes on a diet or not wants chocolates on Valentines Day. Its just that extra bit that really seals the deal. But if you're anything like me there are only one kind of chocolates for you on Valentines Day, Russel Stovers...., and odds are your man is going to pick up that heart shaped assorted box which you will only eat some of (because you're picky about your chocolates) instead of buying you the rectangle box of your favorite kind (because he can't remember) or ordering you a custom box online (which I have totally done for myself before). I would MUCH rather get adorable cookies like these which I will eat most of but probably be willing to share with him. And these take the scary out of chocolate, you know what you're going to get! And they look scrumptious!


Puppy distractions! More Valentines Day finds to come! Keep checking back!!

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