My Dogs!

Cause a proud mama has to gush I thought I'd post up some pictures of my adorable and fat little corgi. He is on a diet right now but the best diet there can be is me moving and getting him away from my parents. He has this ability to make these super adorable eyes and use mind control to get himself burgers, and chicken, and gummy bears. Yes gummy bears, he rather likes them. 

This is my little Oliver James! He just turned 6 in August. Sorry this one is blurry... he moved.

and he really likes kisses... even kissing the camera
But mostly he is my turtle. I know he looks angry in this picture but his face was just pulled back under his bed. He likes to wear his bed around on his back a lot of the time. Hes funny.

And Our New Baby! Atlas!

Here are my boys! Oliver is watching over his new little brother. This is Atlas at 10 weeks and 2 days old, his second day home!
This was his first day home at 10 weeks old! He was so excited to be in the yard and run. I love how his ears are a bit more red than his body and he looks very handsome with his blue collar!

And now my Little Goober is growing up into a Giant Monster!!! We hoisted him onto our bathroom scale the other day and it turns out he now weighs 41 lbs! I believe when we got him he was around 8 or 10lbs? And that was only 3 months ago! More pictures soon!

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