Monday, February 7, 2011

The Random Word Generator Has Spoken!

Hello everyone! It is 26 days until my wedding day now and I'm so excited! Not the least bit nervous either. But if you're wondering why my posts have been sporatic that would be why. Planning and executing a wedding in two months is hard, even harder when one of those months is February and clearly giving you less days than it should. But I've found a bit of time for myself, amongst the planning and mailing checks to vendors, to write a post today before I go and tackle the cleanup of my kitchen. (It seems the closer I get to getting my wedding in order the more chaos evolves in my kitchen!)

I was trying to decide on a theme today as I had only one item picked out for the blog today and I couldn't decide on one... so I googled a random word generator, plugged in adjectives and then searched them on etsy! I came up with some fun stuff so I really hope you enjoy it!

Generated Word: Imperial
Keep Calm and Eat a Cupcake in Imperial Violet (13x19) by:
Price: $15.95
What a lovely idea. I know a cupcake makes me feel better when I am stressed out. The color of this is adorable and it comes in so many shades too. If you're looking for something cute with clean lines and a bit of a modern design this would be perfect! Imagine it in a kitchen of someone who really likes to bake. You could match it to appliances or get it in a contrasting color! Makes a cute gift or something for yourself. I would even put this in my bedroom or living room. I rather like the touch of whimsy in it!

Generated Word: Structured

The Diamond Cage Necklace in Shining Gold by:
Price: $25
I really like funky pieces of jewelry that not everyone is going to have something similar to and this is a beautiful example. From far away it would look like a gold figural pendant but when you get closer you have the stone inside to reflect the light and the beautiful shape of it. It would add a lot to an everyday outfit! This is definitely a concept that is not going to be seen all the time!

Generated Word: Leisure
Everyday Leisure Neckwarmer in Leafy Green by:
Price: $28
Most of the country has been swamped with snow lately, at least the more northern half so its not even close to time to give up on scarfs yet! I love the color and detail in this one with the chunky knit and the old fashioned buttons, they remind me of the buttons on one of my dads old jackets. Anyway This scarf is the perfect solution to one of my pet peeves! I hate walking around with a scarf that hangs long so the wind catches it and it blows in my face, or it gets stuck in a door or anything like that. I also hate tucking a scarf into my coat and having it awkwardly hang out the bottom. This way you can pop on a scarf, put it under your jacket and make sure you neck is completely sealed from the cold and rather fashionable at the same time! Awesome! (be sure to check out her whole shop for more adorable scarves!)

Generated Word: Fresh
Bright & Happy Mix by:
Price: $1.45
This is the cutest confetti ever! Little birds made out of old dictionary pages which supports upcycling so it's environmentally friendly! This is perfect for a birthday party, or a spring wedding to use as decorations or even have a little flower girl toss in lieu of more expensive flower petals or sometimes dangerous rice (seriously... have you ever gotten hit in the face by some rice of a very enthusiastic little flower girl?). This gives you 40 birds and 20 flowers for a great price and shes happy to make more if you need it. Not to mention the shipping costs are a dream! Two thumbs up!

Generated Word: Textbook
Bubbly -Bright and Cheery GIANT Paper Holders by:
Price: $7
Giant paperclips are so cute! I used to use regular paper clips as bookmarks in college when I was studying but these would be even easier to spot with the big bright buttons at the end. But really they would be great to add a bit of flair to any boring old stack of papers and bring some sunshine into your life! This designer also offers this pattern of fabric in ponytail holders, clips, bobbies, rings, headbands, pins, necklaces, magnets and bookmarks. You've got to love Etsy where everyone is willing to do SO much more for you!

Generated Word: Key
Key Hooks Wod Home Decor Organizer by:
Price: $26
I love entryway hooks like this. The shabby chic that makes you feel at home instantly. With hooks that could be used for hats, jackets, scarves, keys, umbrellas, or anything else this will add the perfect homey feel to your house. The added small jar is just an extra bonus! A great place to display real or fake flowers or anything else you may need to store. Yeay upcycling!!


I hope you liked everything you found today and look for my new blog that I will be running with my friend in the future for all your fashion, purse, and makeup needs!

Let me know what you think! Have a beautiful day!


  1. Love that neckwarmer--good find!!

  2. Thank you! I rather liked it too, it was great idea!