Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Pillow Fight!!! THROW PILLOWS!

Alrightie! Throw pillows won in the poll of what you wanted featured today (and by about 20%!) so I guess you really meant it. For anyone who voted for something else, fear not I'll get to those too. In fact the top suggestion was curtains and if I have a chance I will post some of those up later today but we are going to start with the pillows.

My favorite pillow inserts are featured in two posts already so I'm not going to be adding them to today's blog but I will be adding a 'Decorating Staples' page and I will list them there, along with some other things I might find in the future so you can easily relocate them if you need to.

Without further ado! Let the pillows begin!

Angelic Charm Throw Pillow Cover by:
Price: $29.95
Right off the bat today I found this little beauty! What I love about this pillow is that this is not a geometric pattern. The mother of pearl design really adds something. I love the swoopy romantic feel of it. Mixed with the soft pink and the alternating size of the detailing it gives it an elegant but modern feel. This one one of those 'accent' throw pillows where you probably don't need more than one for a whole room (one these in a cream arm chair would be ADORABLE). I like the lady like dainty feel of it, and guess what?! It's my favorite silk dupioni fabric! True it's a little more than I'd like to pay for a throw pillow cover generally speaking but considering the quality and beauty of it I say it is well worth the price.

Orange & Cream Damask Pillow Covers (2) by:
Price: $35
For $35 you get two of these really pretty orange and cream damask pillow covers! I'm guessing by now everyone understands how I feel about damask. I love how vintage and modern it can be at the same time, and I'm developing a strange love for a deep orangey-coraley color. Back to the point though, if you break it down these covers are $17.50 a piece. Which isn't bad, considering most quilt sets you buy if you want the matching throw pillows it'll cost you $50-100 per pillow in a lot of cases. AND! It's a set of two, and most of the time the balance on a couch or in a room calls for at least two pillows, this lot only asks you to pay shipping once for twice the pillow. Kudos to you little shop!

Flower Child Pillow by:
Price: $22
For all you retro/hippie/bohemian style decorators or those who just want to add a pop of fun and whimsy to a room, how cute is this?! Oh my goodness it just jumped off the page at me and wanted a big old hug! The thing I think I love most about this (aside from the cool pattern and varying sizes that appear to be in no particular order) is that it sports SO many colors that you could easily match it to any room, or any piece of furniture because you can add a color that isn't even in there. Personally I think this would look awesome on a black leather couch, or against a marine or sky blue wall, or perhaps even on a light beige couch. Pretty much anything really! It would be perfect for a living room or to cheery up a plain colored comforter. I would even consider using these in the spring on the backs of dining room chairs (for added comfort and a little bit of fun).

Turkish Delight Pillow Cover by: 
Price: $34
Now this little pillow is the kind of pillow you design a room around. And that is something I do recommend by the way! If you spend hours looking at colors and not being able to decide what you want to do or what theme you want to go with find a throw pillow and start there. There is sooo much character packed into these little guys that there is nothing wrong with designing a room around them! This pillow in particular I've stopped and looked at so many times. I love the mustard yellow, of course, but the way it blends with the blues, and aquas, and lavenders... it's not something I would expect but something that I truly do enjoy. Bravo little pillow, bravo!

Grey Big Bow Pillow by:
Price: $24
Omg adorable! And only $24! And it comes stuffed! I think this is such a cute pillow... but any of you who looked ant my purse post could have probable seen that coming. But not even just that, all of the pillows in this shop are adorable. I had a hard time choosing which to feature and considering featuring more than one, but I didn't think that was fair because I only ever feature on item per artist. But please go check out the shop! There are adorable applique floral pillows and furry little woodland creature, and even a many-legger or two. Totally worth looking at... and this little guy might just end up on our bed when my fiance isn't looking.

Green Apple Throw Pillow by:
Price: $16
Look! It's the often forgotten and underrated solid color throw pillow!! Don't forget about this little guy. It's important to ground your room with something solid because if you have a pattern here, and another pattern there, and a pictorial on your left, and a bunch of shiny things on your right suddenly you've transported yourself into wonderland (and not in a good way) and you're going to have to start wearing a motion sickness patch. Keep somethings solid. You really can't go wrong with it. And please oh please oh please oh please do not try to perfectly match solids!!! In small quantities like this add something in a different shade or something complimentary. This is the perfect way to lead into adding that extra color!

Pretty Coral Blue Flower Embroidery by:
Price: $19
Hey! A pictorial pillow! And its not a square! I adore the not a square shape on this and finally a pictorial pillow done right. When going with these its important to a. not over use them, and b. find good ones. Do not buy a screen printed pillow with Rob Pattinson's face on it or anything like that. Suuure I'd love to snuggle up with him every night BUT hes not the best for decor, sorry Rob. I'm sure you have great style (stylists) but you're just not gonna make my couch. When it comes to these sort of pillows simple is better. Silhouettes are great... and you can opt for something a bit more quirky, which is nice.

3D Flower White Linen Cushion Cover by:
Price: $22.75
This listing is just for the white pillow with the black flower but I wanted to post this picture to just illustrate the use of inversion when it comes to color on pillows. A lot of people tend to balance colors in throw pillows. One solid red on either side, one red damask on each side, and a stripe in the middle. You don't always have to keep it the same. I mean LOOK HOW CUTE these two look together, and they are opposites. Stack them on one side of the couch, put them together in the middle, add them to any bed. Go ahead! Be crazy... they are throw pillows, no one is going to get hurt. Unless you get whipped in the eye with one of those zippers... those hurt.

I may be adding more throw pillows over the day. I've got a lot of errands to run though so don't get too disappointed if I don't.

Leave me a comment and let me know what you think of these pillows! Post if you bought any! 

What is your favorite throw pillow in your home? What is your throw pillow style like? Share!

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