Monday, September 6, 2010

Wow!! - 11 for $10 and under!

I just want to say WOW and thank you all who keep checking back to my blog, and an ESPECIALLY big thank you to anyone who purchases any of the items I've listed on here or anything at all from Etsy! The artists really appreciate it and I really appreciate people who support art! I also super appreciate people who decorate their homes with something interested instead of buying the same mass produced room because they wish they lived in Stepford.

So I thought I'd share with you all that I started this blog on Saturday morning, just a mere 2 days ago. It was just a little project I thought I'd have for myself for fun. Well the first day I had 147 page views.. and I was STUNNED, we even got our first follower! Yesterday we had 256 page views and we were up to 7 FOLLOWERS! And then this morning when I woke up we'd already had over 100 more pageviews! (Note: I do not track my own page views. I don't count.)

Just a big thank you to all of you who like my blog and keep coming back to read! It really means so much to me!

On that note.. let the shopping COMMENCE!

 Pillow Insert - Natural 14x14 Inch by:
Price: $4.50
I still maintain this is the best deal I've found so far on this entire website. Finding throw pillow cushions is a pain in the bum unless you feel like buying all new expensive $20-30 throw pillows and just keep swaping out the covers. These are AWESOME! Seriously? Only $4.50? You don't even have to debate this. Count up the number of throw pillows you need in your house and buy them all from her. It's not gonna get any better on price. Besides, then you can go flouncing about Etsy and pick up all the fancy throw pillow covers you want then stick your tongue out at the fancy retail stores who would have charged you another $15 and your soul as collateral for them.

Smidget Keychain Wallet Yellow Flowers by:
Price: $10
Okay, I LOVE IT! I bought myself something along these lines a few years back on sale from Fossil. Clearly it cost me $30 on the discount rack, and it had less space. This is adorable. I use these to hold my spare keys because if you're in a rush and you can't find your keys, the wallet attached makes them easy to find. Perfect for shopping, places to put your bills, your cards, and your coupons! Never be ashamed of coupons! And never risk missing out on a sale by saying 'Oh I forgot my coupon, can you just ring it in?' I always hated hearing that at work.

Little Yellow Mustard Vase by:
Price: $8
One of my pet peeves is people who like to put fresh flowers in the center of their kitchen table in a regular height vase then sit on the other side and talk to me. Phew. That was a long one to explain. But yes. If I can't see you, move the flowers! I always feel tempted when they begin speaking to say something a little bit rude like 'Wow! What a wonderfully educated bouquet you have, where did they learn to speak?' But I hold my tongue and act like a lady of course. Anywho the point being, this little vase is PERFECT. I can imagine it holding a few stems of lilac, you know just billowing out the top. It's a perfect little bud vase, and when little vases like this have a few buds in them they looks so full and happy, and you CAN leave them on the table for color whilst you eat. Tada!

Honey Amber and Dark Topaz Earrings by:
Price: $9.50
For me? I don't wear earrings often, so when I buy them I want them to be inexpensive but NOT LOOK inexpensive. I had the unfortunate problem of satellite dish ears. Maybe some day I will show you all. Back to the point though, I love these earrings. The amber beads are really just absolutely stunning! And these are the perfect shades for fall, and did I mention under $10?!?! If you found these in some retail store they would probably cost you $30-40 in my estimation. I think these are a wonderful investment. Their simple style means you will be able to wear them for years!

Keep Calm And Carry On 8x10 Poster by:
Price: $10
I'm sure you all have seen these as there has been a sudden revival in this. It was an English poster during WWII that was lost for years and rediscovered in 2000, since then it has made a comeback, and why not? It has a great message (and a great crown). This 8x10 print can come in a huuuuuuge array of color choices, perfect for that quirky little accent to a living room, or bedroom, or really anywhere. It's a good mantra to whisper to yourself through a stressful day. And sometimes we need a reminder. 

Eucalyptus Spearmint Shea and Glycerin Soap by:
Price $5
For $5 you get 1 really pretty 4-4.5 oz bar of soap that from the sounds of it smells delicious. This shop has lots of great looking soaps, lip glosses, perfume oils and is definitely worth a glance. I haven't tried these yet personally, but they are on my list of things that I want to experience. Not to mention how cute they actually are! These would be the perfect accent soaps in a guest bathroom, and YES accent soaps do make a difference!!

Butterscotch A Skinny Headband by:
Price: $9.50
Headbands - The Fastest, Easiest, and Cutest way to make your hair not boring! I'm not sure why, but in the fall I always get lazy about my hair. I don't dry it or do anything with it until winter so it stays in its awkward wavy form. But for me if I throw on a headband then pull it back into a severely messy bun somehow is suddenly it looks bohemian and cute, like I MEANT for it to be a mess. And what better than that!? It makes it so easy and its still adorable. This headband with the buttons on it? Perfect! And it comes in lots of different colors! Two thumbs up!

 Handmade Black, White, and Grey Throw Pillow Cover by:
Price: $10
I really liked the simplicity and softness of the pattern on this! And for $10 it's a great deal. A 16x16 inch throw pillow that will blend in with lots of different color schemes (I imagined this on a dark burnt orange or mustard yellow couch... I think I want to go out and buy that couch so I can use this throw pillow). In my estimation you can never have too many throw pillow covers because they are small and you can just keep swapping them out. And this one would be awesome with almost anything!!
Cute Zipper Change Purse by:
Price: $6
I know some of you are probably thinking, 'I have a wallet! I don't need a change purse too!' Well, I disagree. I think a change purse and wallet are totally functional separate entities. Sure you can throw some change in your wallet, but you know when you go to use it and you have to turn your wallet upside down and absolutely everything falls out onto the counter of the store? Ya. If you have a change purse at least the only thing that is going to fall out is change. It also means your wallet doesn't weigh a million pounds or have a hard time closing because all the change shifted and stacked itself up to be obnoxious. Also super handy if you travel a lot and go through those toll booths that are change only. Much easier access!! And this ones super cute.
 Ornate Vintage Style Key Charm Necklace by:
Price: $4.49
This little key is so beautifully detailed, I love it! And instead of looking like a shiny new mass produced vintage inspired key necklace... it is a vintage key necklace! The fact that its not bright and shiny is why I like it so much. As you might have figured out I like necklaces... I have a lot. And simple ones like this are the ones you get to wear most often and that you get the most compliments on. These are the sort of thing that people look for and want but they just don't know where to look to find them. Good news! Found them for you! Now go buy them!

 Alice Meets The Cat by:
Price: $10
I'm giving you a bonus 11th because I took so long so I changed today's post to 11 for $10 and under. I've said before I love Alice In Wonderland and I have the book that this picture is from (the first time I read it I read that old original version which is a bit scary). I love these vintage looking prints of pictures over book pages. They make such an interesting piece in a room. This one is just the print, not the frame, but you can find cool frames like this everywhere, online, on Etsy, in antique shops (give in and just paint the frames already!) or at your local TJ Maxx. These are sooo awesome. I'm going to get a few once we start decorating my house!
Sorry it took me so long to get these up today! I might give you a bonus post of something else later! 

What do you want to see featured next on my blog? Leave me a comment and let me know!


  1. That is a great deal for the pillow inserts! Thank you!

  2. Glad you liked it! I have a few of them now and they are very nice and squishy if you haven't tried them yet.