Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Gift For The Girl Who Has Everything!

Another request today! I'm having so much fun with these. This request was for me to find something to give as a baby gift to the for the mom who has EVERYTHING. That's a tough one. Darn that maternal overdrive that kicks in and the nesting that follows. If you have to buy yourself everything just so you know you have it then what is everyone else going to get you?

Well thanks in advance all you cute crazy Etsy-ians who came up with these adorable ideas. Gifters know they can turn to you in a pinch!

Personalized Name Blocks by:
Price: $3 per block
I think these are just adorable! Now they do come in a range of colors and patterns so be sure to browse her shop. I just happen to know that the request came in for a mommy who is having a little boy and I really liked the green. These are especially cute if you happen to know of the colors of the nursery. I mean how cute are these just sitting on a shelf all stacked up? And what better than something educational for the baby to play with as they get older. This is a great way to decorate and for the baby to learn to recognize their name, and at $3 a block it is a great deal, unless your friend is naming their baby Michelangelo, then it might get a bit pricey... and you'd probably run out of shelf space.

  Personalized Pumpkin Hat by:
Price: $3.50
Have a friend thats expecting her little pumpkin in the harvest season? September - November babies could wear this cute little personalized pumpkin at and just look oh so festive (and oh so cute) not to mention you're helping mommy out. Now all she has to do for Halloween is grab a little orange onesie and the costume is done. Personally I'd put this little hat back on my darling on a cool spring day and put them in their orange onesie again and call them my little carrot. So cute!

Personalized Terry Cloth Baby Bib by:
Price: $7
One thing my mom always told me about me as an infant was I was drooly, and no matter how many bibs she had for me it was never enough. I was also endlessly enthusiastic, especially about food, so wearing a bib 24/7 was really a good idea for me. This one is a nice gift one though because of the personalization. It seems a cut above the rest of the bibs so if it was necessary to wear it out in public it would still look a bit more dressed up. Again, you can really never have enough of these!

Anchor Onesie in Blue Stripes by:
Price: $8
I was born and raised on Cape Cod so there is something that I find cute and irresistible about anchors. Not to mention the colors used on this onesie and! As an added bonus it can be customized to add a name. No matter how many onesies a woman has for her child she can always find an excuse to add one more to the closet... especially if they are boys because honestly, there isn't enough cute boy stuff out there in the world. It's getting better but we want more! And this is a good start. So cute!

Personalized Pooh or Princess Baby Photo Albums by:
Price: $8.49
A personalized and cute baby photo album that will hold up to 50 pictures? A great gift indeed! No matter how many photo albums that mama has received you can bet shes gonna take more pictures of that little peanut than she has room for. Not to mention if she does by some stretch of the imagination collect too many she can always fill one of these up with pictures and send it to Grandma & Grandpa because they wanna see their grandbabies too! These books both come in lovely soft colors and look to me like a great idea for a baby gift. I know I would love getting one of these if I were expecting a little one.
Personalized Minky Security Blanket by:
Price: $14.99
Do you know where your blankey is? I'll admit. I'm 20, engaged, and yes... yes I do. Blankeys are the best security item in my opinion and I'm going to make sure all of my babies have their own too! This one is super cute though and looks really cuddly. Great for kids with siblings because there can be no fighting over these if they have your name stitched into it. The colors on this one are adorable and the shop had other options to check out as well!!

 Personalized Letter Book by:
Price: $20
This is just such a sweet idea that I have to quote the description the designer has in the store.
"I designed this notebook for my mom so she can write letters to her one-year-old granddaughter to read in the future."
I think this is such a great idea. You could give these to a new mommy for her and her the daddy or even give them to them for them to give to grandparents or godparents. This is a keepsake you'll want forever.

jumping into the more expensive end...

Jungle Fever Baby Book by:
So this is a bit more on the expensive end but if you're a scrap booker its a cute idea. This store has a few more designs and extra filler pages to put inside. The neat thing about this book is if you have no idea where to start it has pages to guide you like 'New Arrival' and 'Welcome Home'. This will help you figure out what to do and give you a jumping off point. This is the time you want to grab as many memories as you can and hold on tight!

Modern Baby Memory Book by:
Price: $60
This is definitely a modern baby book without taking modern too far. It looks like a baby book with its button accent, soft font, and tranquil color, but it doesn't have a lot of the mooshie gooshie baby stuff that a lot of other products have. It's just not style to cover things with pictures of passifiers and baby bottles and diapers. I like the clean classic look of this that your kids will look back at when they are older and not be embarrassed to touch.

 Baby Scrapbook Keepsake by:
Price: $45
This is a great middle ground for modern and cutesy. Not too modern, but you still have the stripes and the modern colors, and you get the cutesy with the monkeys without being too babyish. This is a great combination and the interior looks great too. If you like the looks of it be sure to check it out in javagirls' shop and look at all the pictures shes posted!

More to come! Just thought I'd get these up in a hurry!


  1. You did it!!!! It's me, mrspaz, from the nest! Just left you a message there, but....you found the baby book I was looking for!!! Thank you so much! They are the Ruby Love ones, I love the beautiful fabrics, the button enclosure, and the updated sophisticated layout of the pages. I'm definitely going to order one now, our due date is in 2 days!!! Thank you again so much!

  2. Just wanted to let you know that I bought that cute pumpkin beanie you had featured in this post! Love your site (found you on D&R)...and I gave you a shout out about finding the beanine in my latest blog post. Come check me out over at World of Dennifer!

  3. Thanks for mentioning us in this post. Great blog.