Monday, September 6, 2010

Vinyl Wall Decals! The New Way To Decorate!!

I thought I'd feature some of these decals because they have been increasing in popularity for a while. I'm excited to try using some of these myself but I have no experience in them thus far. Check in to my DIY section of my blog in a few weeks to see my updates and I'll post it on here too! I thought I'd just show you some of my favorite Etsy finds though. Hope you like them!

Have you used decals before? What do you think about them? Comment and let me know!

 Bloom by:
Price: $38
For $38 you get 10 graphics and these are adorable. I love the flower shape but its kind of abstract too (I mean to a guy it would probably look like a fluffy bubble. And these are super cute because you can put them however you want. Great news too if you don't want to use them all in one room you can save some and use them in another! Just to boost your confidence in using these there are customer comments and customer pics of them using them. Totally worth checking out!

Safari Playland by:
Price: $185
What is better than a mural you spend hundreds of dollars and countless hours painting (or paying to have painted) on your kids walls that could get messed up? Buying a decal that is easy to put up and hard to mess up! This is sooo cute and if I had kids I'd buy it and put it up in there room. My nursery had little circus animals on the walls when I was little and for countless hours I'd stare at them, suck on my toes, and poke them (at age 1 and 2... not 20, I swear). Adorable, easy, and so many cute color options!

Aquatic Girl by:
Price: $24.99
For all you funky style people a piece like this is a great conversation piece. One thing even more fun grab a frame with no glass no backing and hang it over this. Finally wall are you can't completely destroy! I think this is just so cool, definitely something to make people look and not something that everyone is going to have. I'm always up for something new try to be a little bit funky, test the limits of decorating. This seems New York high fashion to me. Two thumbs up.

Two Color Tree Panel by:
Price: $55
I really love this because it reminds me of my sister who lives far away and I miss hanging out with her. Now this is a GREAT example of really turning wall vinyl decals into traditional art. It's a great hybrid of styles. Again this is customizable in colors so you can use it wherever you want in whatever room and get it to look awesome. Great place to toss an accent color in too!! And it's a really cute tree.

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