Sunday, September 5, 2010

Can't Stop Myself - Necklaces

Well, I couldn't stop shopping tonight. I did some yoga then ended up back on here again. The terrible fate of a day off, but on the bright side I found some wonderful necklaces I thought I'd share with you all! Enjoy!!

key to my heart by:
Price: $56
I adore this necklace and have for a while. It's got an heirloom quality feel to it and that little bit of vintage romance that I so gravitate to. I've made several purchases from this seller (including my first ever Etsy purchase which was a gift for a friend) and shes always been super nice, quick at getting her products shipped, and I've never had a problem ... clearly because I've bought from her again. Her style is great! Be sure to check out her store if you like steampunk jewelry too! P.s. the bronze colors in this necklace, perfect for fall, is it not?

Ballerina Necklace by:
Price: $18
I really like the dainty-ness of this piece! I'm very tempted to buy this for my step-niece who started dancing a few years ago. It has a soft quality to it that makes it something appropriate for a younger girl or even cute for an older girl who is a dancer or a ballet enthusiast. The little pink pearl on it is absolutely perfect and at $18 it is a great price! Such a cute gift to give or necklace to own, it's one of those hand me down in the future pieces! Love it!

A Rabbits Large Pocket Watch Necklace by:
Price: $31
I was in love with Alice In Wonderland before Tim Burton came out with his version and I will be for years after people forget about it and I've always loved pocket watch necklaces. But this is the COOLEST one I've ever seen!! The delicate filigree and the little rabbit and bead detailing bring it to a whole new level. I just want to wear this with my sweater-vest and skinny jeans and boots this fall. Ooooh I wants it! So cute, and it can be dressed up or down. Fabulous! Simply fabulous!

Ziggy by:
Price: $32
What can I say? I am a sucker for this color combination. These were going to be my wedding colors, but things changed. Anyway is it just me or would this be the cutest way to dress down a little black dress or dress up that plain white t shirt jeans and caramel boot combo? This is the bold little pop that all you fashionistas desire! So cute and fairly priced at $32. This little number also comes with a free pair of matching earrings. You can not go wrong here!

Portrait of a Squirrel by:
Price: $28
As strange as this may seem I have a thing for embellished squirrels. My dad hates them soo much and I think they are just funny! Forever 21 used to have a t-shirt of a squirrel in a fancy antique frame that I almost bought for $21. Not the point! I think this necklace has the right balance of elegance and humor. I don't like to take everything too seriously all the time but this is pretty enough that it could be paired with a dress and seem classy! My quirky sense of humor gives this a two thumbs up. Now! Who wants to buy it for me?!

Someone To Guide Me Antique by:
Price: $26
I already own one of these necklaces. I bought it a few weeks back but I love it so much that I really need to tell you all about it here. You know the spice that makes a dish? Or the vase that ties and entire room together? Well this is the necklace equivalent. I put this necklace on with any outfit and suddenly it all just looks better. I'm not saying it will iron your dress or style your hair just right, but for some reason this works with everything. It is the right amount of delicate! I adore it and I know you all would too!


  1. I love all your finds. Thanks for including my squirrel necklace in there.

    Since i live in Australia we don't have squirrels and i always see them as funny little critters getting into mischief all the time.

  2. I have only looked at Etsy once and got too overwhelmed. Hopefully I will learn how to navigate it better with your blog.