Sunday, October 17, 2010

In The Mood For FOOD!

I'm in the mood for food today. Something yummy like and scrumptious. With the holiday season coming up I'm a bit saddened that I don't know more people around where I live because I LOVE baking and surprising neighbors and friends with all sorts of treats. Last winter I was still living far away from my fiance so I mailed him some (double chocolate peanut butter chip cookies, chocolate covered pretzels, chocolate chip cookies, shortbread cookies, and brownies!). I've always wanted to try making fudge but I'm a bit afraid to. 

Point being that this year I have no one to send it to. I'll still bake to be a good hostess in case anyone comes over but my repitoire is limited now that I no longer have a kitchen aid mixer (I can't use my moms cause its too far away! :( ) so I'm going to go with some basic things and then maybe sample some stuff from Etsy for ideas and just to buy or to send to people! .... or to spoil myself. 

Here are some of the scrumptious things I've found!!! (Great for parties in a pinch or wedding receptions, anything really!)

Great Grandma's Icebox Cookies with Pecans by:
Price: $12
I can practically smell these just looking at them. Delicious crunchy pecan cookies. I am craving one of these with a cup of cocoa piled high with whipped cream while I snuggle with my guy. Mmm. These make me feel so ready for cooler weather. For $12 you get 3 dozen cookies! For those math challenged that means you get 36 cookies. That is more than ample for a gift, to bring to a party (if you are baking challenged or don't have time) or to have some now and throw some in the freezer to forget about and then happily remember on a rainy day. Oooh they look so good.

2 Dozen Lemon Glazed Shortbread Cookies by:
Price: $8
YUM! Two things I absolutely adore! Lemon Glaze and Shortbread Cookies! I've never had them combined before but I must say it is a very intriguing combination. These look absolutely beautiful too. Nice and shiny. And these shortbread cookies definitely have some weight to them, rather than the average skinny shortbread cookies these are nice and hearty. They look delicious! Oh man this was a bad idea for a blog today... I'm so hungry already.

Itty Bitty Bite Sized Flower Sugar Cookies by:
Price: $10.50
This listing is for 8 DOZEN cookies. That is a LOT of cookies. And sugar cookies are quite possibly the best/cutest party/hostess cookie. These will last you a long time too not to mention how cute the design and frosting are! They are random colors but you are allowed to request what color they want. And I'd just like to add this is some of the best food photography I've seen on Etsy thus far. Staging of food means a lot towards the temptation of wanting to buy it and this is incredibly. Crisp, clean, and modern. Kudos to you sugarandflower. Bake on!

Simple But Delicious Lemon Squares by:
Price: $6
Be Still My Heart. I LOVE lemon squares. They are one of my absolute favorites. It has been over a year since I've had one and I want to dive into these. For $6 you get 6 huge lemon squares, and that is a great deal.  I used to pay $5 a piece of the lemon squares I got and these are a lot bigger and from reading the ingredients on the page it seems like they would be better too. Totally worth a taste or two... or five. YUM!

Toffee Crunch Bark by:
Price: $8.50
Yum. My mom is a lover of chocolate bark of all kinds but this toffee crunch one looks like a winner for this year. It may seem a bit odd but I really love eating chocolate that isn't in a perfect square. I like random shapes. If any of you have ever had a chocolate orange before? My favorite part is the core. And I really think that is why I love chocolate bark so much. I'm also a toffee lover but having toffee in large sections hurts my teeth. Perhaps this is the perfect solution. And it looks really cute all crunched up in a bowl so people can grab whatever size they want to eat. And makes a great cake/cupcake topper decoration!!

Keep checking back for more scrumptious treats!!


  1. Great Grandma's Icebox Cookies look like the cookies my Grandma made for us...all of the cookies look SOO yummy. Just wish no one had coined the word "calories"!