Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Today I Am Everything!

I woke up just a few minutes ago at 8 o'clock as I do on the usual day. To the sound of a Golden Retriever who sounds much more like a bird than a dog, and to a Corgi who is just oh so happy that I've moved from my bed that his bum might just wiggle off his little body. I had a dream last night about my friends from home who I miss a lot, and I'm excited for tonight because my fiance is taking me out on a proper date, and I'm terrified because my future in laws are coming to visit on Friday and I've never met them and I'm afraid they will hate me. I feel like I'm a little bit of everyone I am and used to be. The high school girl, the mom of he dogs, the girlfriend, the housewife, the fiance.

So today I've decided to represent all of that. Everything I see on Etsy today that tickles my fancy I will add up here. So hopefully today will turn into something longer than the typical 5 item post and I hope you all enjoy it!

Who are you today?

Twofer Tote or Book Bags by:
Price: $5.75
I am a fan of using eco friendly bags when doing just about anything. They are great for shopping, for holding your emergency snack/water bag in your car, for carrying books around, organizing things in your home so they have a place ( keep all of my dogs treats in a tote bag and on a hook so they can't get to them). You're helping to save the environment and the world and it's a cute way to do it. As much as this is a save the trees moment its a save the humans moment more. Plastic bags are more wasteful for us to use than paper because plastic is a reuseable but not a renewable resource and I haven't seen many people recycling their shopping bags except maybe to put trash in. I'm not saying you're an awful person if you sometimes forget to use eco bags and use plastic bags instead. I'm just saying it is really worth the effort to try to avoid using plastic! And from what I've heard, in lots of places in France your options are environmentally friendly bag or carry your stuff in your arms!

Food Tracker - 7 Day Food Journal by:
Price: $3
What a nifty little idea. This book (designed by a registered dietitian) is set up to help you understand what you're eating and make a healthier lifestyle for yourself. On the pages there are sections for meals and snacks where you just jot down what you ate so you can look back and see. I've often found on diets that if I look at written down what I've eaten in the day I'll realized that I'm not actually hungry when I go to reach for the food, that I was really just bored. It is hard to keep track of what you ate in a regular journal too because you get disorganized or distracted or what have you and then forget. If you and some friends are starting a diet together or just trying to keep you and your loved ones healthy these little guys make great gifts too! What an awesome price!

Autumn Splendor Scarf by:
Price: $16
This is the type of scarf I like in the Fall. Something with a rich pattern in vibrant colors that looks like an updated version of something my grandmother would have liked (and let me tell you, Nana had style. When she passed away I inherited one of her vintage Dooney bags and several strings of pearls), I would love to see this with a coraley-orange pea coat or over something ivory like a sweater. And I think this scarf would be beautiful on my sister who just screams fall and loves fall all the same. Sometimes when you see things like this its nice to send a just because gift. If I had a job right now then I would be!

23 Small Metal Buttons by:
Price: $3
This is something unlike most things I list on here and just hear me out. I'm kinda a craft like to DIY person and I really do love buttons. I like to rehab some of my old clothes too and one of my favorite things is rehabbing sweaters that have lost buttons. What I think really gives a plain sweater the look of something modern and new is MIS MATCHING BUTTONS! My sister bought the cutest sweater at Anthropologie for like $80 and it has mis matcing buttons. I bought a cute shirt at Forever 21 with mis matching buttons for $20, but now I can recycle my old beat up sweater to have mis matching buttons for $3. See where I'm going here? Ya.

Woolie Whale Hand Crocheted Plushie by:
Price: $19.99
It has been a long time since I listed a stuffed animal but I think this one is just SO CUTE! I love this little guy already and he looks so squishy and huggable. This store is full of adorable little plushie things and I want to just look around and buy everything. What I like most about these are the quality of them. They look so professional, to a much higher grade than those mass produced things in stores, so these could very easily be used as decorations, especially in nurserys and young childrens rooms. Go look around!!

6 Candelabra from Recycled Wine Bottles by:
Price: $48
What a nifty idea! 6 seperate wine bottles that you can place over tealights to create a modern effect of a candelabra. I really like the fact that you can set these up how you want, keep them together or seperate them. They would be beautiful on a coffee table, on a mantle, as a table centerpiece, on a shelf, pretty much anywhere! And I have to imagine if you shut off the lights in a room and just let them glow that they would be simply lovely! And how cool would this be as a gift if you have any friends with a funky creative modern style!

More to come later this afternoon! But for now I will enjoy my pumpkin bread I baked last night then do a bit of cleaning. Enjoy!

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