Friday, January 14, 2011

The Blogging Shall Resume!

Dear Friends & Followers,
I'm so very sorry that I've been away. As we all know well the holiday season is super busy at best and my darling and I were hosting part of my family this year for the first time so that became a whole new level of stress, then when that started to die down finally we decided to do our wedding on our original intended date of March 5th, 2011. So I am trying to plan a wedding in less than 7 weeks now but we started out with 8 weeks. Time for some DIY and lots of travel. Unfortunately I can't get a lot of the Etsy things I wanted in that short period of time but I hope my wedding will still be beautiful!

That being said I am going to try to keep the posts going and I'm sure I will be better at it once the wedding is over. For now this is a very nice stress relieveing break for me so I hope you like what I've found.

Princess Cameo 20x24 Vinyl Wall Decal by:
Price: $25
If I was a 4-13 year old girl I would want this on the wall of my room. Heck. If I were not getting married and to share my room with my husband I would want this. A part of me wants this for my room! (He gets a mancave and I have a room too I just have not thought of a proper name for it as Lady Lair sounds a bit dirty...) I LOVE the vintage feel of this and of course the classic silhouette with extra feminine flairs. Can you imagine this in a black and white striped room? I'd probably find an ornate frame and put this down on a nice piece of canvas or something and just leave it framed in the room. Put shelves with white candles around it... just for extra fabulous-ness. I want this...

A Love To Last A Lifetime by:
Price: $3.99
Intended to be a card of some fashion I don't think I could manage to give this away if I bought it. I would probably buy a very modern black shadowbox frame and put it in there and hang it on my wall. The detailing in this is simply exquisite! If you click the link and go look at it up close you can see just how beautiful it really is with all the seperate cuts. The handmade quality of this is exactly what I love etsy for. There is true talent put into it and this is something that (if I could make myself give away) would be something worthy of giving with a cute note or well wishes to a friend. It says more than the cookie cutter mass produced things you get at the grocery store by FAR.

Bracelet Vintage Style Hand Embroidered by:
Price: $95
Let me just tell you now. I usually roll through the pages on Etsy fairly quickly. If I see something I like I usually don't realize it until I'm on the next page and then I have to go back, but this bracelet stopped me dead in my tracks. I've never seen something quite this stunning before. This bracelet could make any outfit go from ordinary to amazing. Please take the time to go click on the link and look at the stunning pictures of the bride wearing this bracelet. If I had $95 and I didn't already have a gift of a bracelet to wear on my wedding day I would have picked this hands down. This is breathtaking.

Damask Personalized Cards (set of 12) by:
Price: $15
Of course with my wedding coming up I know I will be writing a lot of thank you notes and I've been preemptively looking for some really nice ones because the last thing I need to be doing is scrambling for thank you notes last minute so I don't seem rude and actually get them mailed out. Most nice cards will run you up to $2 a pop. More if they are personalized but this beautiful set of 12 cards is presonalized and only slightly over a dollar a piece! This is a great deal for those of us who don't feel great about sending out cookie cutter walmart brand thank you notes to everyone for lovely gifts! And you can pick your own colors on these! LOVE THEM!

Brown Sackcloth Handbag by:
Price: $39.99
I know I've featured these bags before but I really do just adore them! They are a great price, a beautiful classic look, and this designer keeps constantly offering different combinations of colors. There is one for every season in this shop. This is the kind of bag that I would carry on my wedding day to get ready. The perfect purse to say 'I'm the bride and I'm classy' as you go around getting your hair and makeup done and laughing with your girlfriends! I adore this bag!


Hope you enjoy my finds for today! Leave me some comments and let me know what you think! Also feel free to comment what you'd like to see in the future!


  1. Welcome back!! Love the bag--you are totally becoming my personal shopper when it comes to Etsy and handbags!

  2. Well thank you very much! That means a lot to me! I appreciate your support. New post today is going to be dedicated to you!

  3. You're welcome! Hope you like it!